#998 – Steve Harris

  Author of America’s Secret History: Hardcover, Kindle TAPI = Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India Pipeline Unocal (Union Oil Company of California) negotiated with Taliban The myth and deception of American democracy Electoral college negates everyone’s vote The two-party system allows the forces behind the scene to control everything President Andrew Jackson’s fight against the Central Bank The richest 2200 people own […]

#997 – John Perkins

  Author of The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook And The Secret History of the American Empire: Paperback, Kindle And Hoodwinked: Why the Global Economy Imploded: Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook All books by John Perkins John’s new book Touching the Jaguar: Hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook Video: John Perkins: “Zeitgeist: Addendum” Extended Interview 2008 John’s new website: www.johnperkins.org Make sure to sign-up for email updates at the website The current […]

#996 – Donald R. McGovern, Jim DiEugenio

  Author of Murder Orthodoxies: A Non-Conspiracist’s View of Marilyn Monroe’s Death: Paperback, Hardcover Article: The Marilyn Monroe/Kennedys Hoax – Part 1: The Mythology is Launched by Jim DiEugenio Article: The Marilyn Monroe/Kennedys Hoax – Part 2: The Mythology Soars into Outer Space by Jim DiEugenio A two-part review of Don McGovern’s Murder Orthodoxies by Jim DiEugenio How Don got interested in the […]

#995 – Mark de Valk

  Mark de Valk is a Senior Lecturer in Film Production at The University of Winchester Book: The Film Handbook by Mark de Valk: Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle FREE Borrowable Ebook: Gold Warriors by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave Three books on/by Edward Lansdale Book: In the Midst of Wars by Edward Lansdale: Paperback Free Borrowable Ebook: Edward Lansdale: The Unquiet American by Cecil B. Currey Book: Edward Lansdale’s Cold […]

#994 – Scott Enyart, Jim DiEugenio

Part A: Scott Enyart Scott Enyart, photographer Took pictures in the pantry during the RFK assassination Scott was first interviewed on Black Op Radio in the year 2000 (Episode 12) Buy the complete Season 1 of BOR for just $10 here Two guns booked into evidence Scott’s case against LAPD Scott’s film of the assassination confiscated […]

#993 – Dr. Andrew Wakefield

  Director of the 2016 documentary Vaxxed Watch the documentary here The documentary investigates the claims of a senior CDC scientist The link between MMR vaccination and autism Wikipedia calls Vaxxed a “pseudoscience documentary” The mainstream media’s opposition to the documentary The documentary is a story of the CDC’s pseudo science Dr. Wakefield’s new documentary titled 1986: The Act The […]

#992 – Sterling Seagrave

  Gold Warriors Original airdate: Feb 3, 2011 Operation Golden Lily Article 14 of the 1951 treaty voids any return of money The Black Eagle Trust: slush fund loot by Ed Lansdale The M Fund and Richard Nixon Ed Lansdale, Napolean Valariano, Charles Bohanon, Napolean D. Valeriano, Charles T.R. Bohannan-Counter-Guerrilla Operations – The Philippine Experience Download […]

#991 – Jim DiEugenio

  At www.kennedysandking.com Article: The King Trial: What the Media Didn’t Tell You (PDF) by Mike Vinson Video: Robert Kennedy Assassination by Chuck Marler Everyone should watch this video by Chuck Marler Video: JFK Assassination – Robert Kennedy Jr. Reveals His Investigation of the Case Article: The 3 Faces of Dr. Humes by Tim Smith Jim’s upcoming article on Donald R. McGovern’s book Murder […]

#990 – William Weston

  Article: The CIA and the Texas School Book Depository by William Weston How William Weston got interested in the JFK case FREE Borrowable Ebook: Conspiracy by Anthony Summers FREE Borrowable Ebook: Final Disclosure by David Belin Weston has written various articles for Dealey Plaza Echo, Probe and Kennedys and King Mysterious deaths of those who were connected to the JFK case Earle Cabell was […]

#989 – Barry Krusch

  Author of Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald FREE Download Ebook: Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald (PDF) This book is also available on scribd Barry’s website: www.krusch.com List of all books by Barry Krusch How Barry got interested in the case Testimony of J.C. Day: Read online, Download PDF Shells in the archive don’t have any marks on them […]