#1031 – Jim DiEugenio

  News: New claims surrounding Malcolm X assassination surface in letter written on former NYPD officer’s death bed Article: The Murder and Martyrdom of Malcolm X by James Douglass Article: Deconstructing JFK: A Coup d’État over Foreign Policy? by Jim DiEugenio Free virtual conference titled “The National Security State and the Kennedy Assassination” by Jacob Hornberger Conference to begin on […]

#1030 – John Armstrong

  Author of Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf) The rifle in the backyard photo and the one found at TSBD are not the same Oswald couldn’t have ordered the rifle WC was formed to keep people from finding out the uncomforable truth about the assassination The MSM supports the government’s conclusions no matter what they are Victoria […]

#1029 – Jeremy Kuzmarov, Jim DiEugenio

  Jeremy Kuzmarov is Managing Editor of CovertAction Magazine He’s also the author of four books on US foreign policy Book: Obama’s Unending Wars by Jeremy Kuzmarov: Paperback, Kindle Book: The Russians are Coming, Again by Jeremy Kuzmarov: Paperback, Kindle www.covertactionmagazine.com (Previously Covert Action Information Bulletin) Co-founded by Ellen Ray and Bill Schaap who published Jim Garrison’s On the Trail of the Assassins Other co-founders include Philip […]

#1028 – Larry Schnapf, Jim DiEugenio, Gerald McKnight

  Author and researcher Gerald McKnight passed away on Jan 30th, 2021 FREE Borrowable Ebook: Breach of Trust by Gerald D. McKnight FREE Borrowable Ebook: The Last Crusade: MLK, FBI and the Poor People’s Campaign by Gerald D. McKnight Gerald was responsible for making the Harold Weisberg archive available online Gerald was a professor of history at Hood College […]

#1027 – Vince Palamara, Jim DiEugenio

  Author of four books Book: Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy: Paperback, Kindle Book: JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium: Paperback, Kindle Book: The Not-So-Secret Service: Agency Tales from FDR to Kennedy Assassination to Reagan Era: Paperback, Kindle Book: Who’s Who in the Secret Service: History’s Most Renowned Agents: Paperback, Kindle Vince’s website: www.vincepalamara.com Blog: www.vincepalamara.blogspot.com Vince’s YouTube channel, Facebook […]

#1025 – Ken Lawrence, Laurie Dusek

  Ken Lawrence is a freelance writer at www.covertactionmagazine.com Previously called Covert Action Information Bulletin Co-founded by Ellen Ray and Bill Schaap who published Jim Garrison’s On the Trail of the Assassins Other co-founders include Philip Agee, James Wilcott, Louis Wolf Listen to co-founder Louis Wolf’s interview by David Giglio (www.ourhiddenhistory.org) Ken wrote a regular column for Covert Action Information […]

#1024 – Jim DiEugenio

  The Capitol raided by Trump supporters What if today’s protest was carried out by Black Lives Matters? FREE Download Ebook: Seven Days in May by Fletcher Knebel and Charles Bailey: Read Online, Download PDF Angela Berry is the new attorney for Sirhan Sirhan’s parole hearing on March 12, 2021 Article: Sirhan’s Upcoming Parole Hearing by Jim DiEugenio Sirhan was very […]

#1023 – Gerald McKnight

  Gerald taught in Frederick, MD, where researcher Harold Weisberg lived Original airdate: May 30, 2013 They developed a relationship which turned into a preoccupation Today we are an empire, our republic is in pretty sad shape Gerald’s Breach of Trust (2005), now in paperback Oswald was put on the docket 25 minutes after JFK was pronounced […]

#1022 – Jim DiEugenio

  Upcoming episodes with Jesse Ventura, Muneer Sirhan and Laurie Dusek Jesse Ventura to talk about CIA murder squads in the middle-east Letter writing campaign for Sirhan Sirhan whose parole hearing is scheduled in March “Meet the new boss same as the old boss” At Kennedys and King Steven Gillon’s article in The Washington Post Article: Steven Gillon: […]