#1123 – Paul Bleau

  Articles: JFK and the Unforgivable by Paul Bleau: Part 1, Part 2, Addendum How Paul began to write this two-part article in 2013 Almost all textbooks say that Oswald killed Kennedy alone Paul spoke at on this very topic at the CAPA Conference Operation Mockingbird influenced even the academia Fake history in textbooks History textbooks did not evolve beyond 1964 […]

#1122 – Bill Kelly, Jim DiEugenio

  Bill’s blogs: www.jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com and www.jfkcountercoup2.blogspot.com News: ‘What are they hiding?’: Group sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination records Mary Ferrell Foundation Files Lawsuit Over JFK Records Read the actual complaint here (PDF) ‘If You Need a Dirty Job Done’: Straight Talk from a Marine Vet About a CIA Plot to Assassinate Castro Doolittle Report, 1954 Download Doolittle Report here (1954) (The […]

#1120 – Chris Gallop, David Talbot

  Chris Gallop’s facebook group: JFK-The Continuing Inquiry 10th Annual JFK-The Continuing Inquiry Luncheon: Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022; Time: 11am-5pm Address: Lone Star Garden, 3132 Milam Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76112 Google Maps location of the venue Speakers include J. Gary Shaw, Jeff Meek, Robert Groden, Leslie Sharp and others For more details, please mail Chris at cjgallop@yahoo.com You can […]

#1119 – Dr. Cyril Wecht, Glenda Devaney, Steve Jaffe, Jim DiEugenio

  The 2022 CAPA JFK conference (Nov 19 and 20) Speakers include Jim DiEugenio, Josiah Thompson, Dr. Gary Aguilar, Paul Bleau, Steve Jaffe Dr. David Mantik, John Newman, Max Good, Monika Wiesak, Dr. Cyril Wecht Register for the conference here Free Virtual CAPA 2022 JFK Student Conference (Nov 18) Stream/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass: Showtime, Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Microsoft Stream/buy the […]

#1118 – Paul Bleau, Jim DiEugenio

  Article: The Garrison Files and Oswald’s Escort by Paul Bleau Article: The Garrison Files and Exposing the FPCC, Part 3 by Paul Bleau Articles: Exposing the FPCC by Paul Bleau: Part 1, Part 2 Please email Len at osanic@prouty.org if you would like to access the Garrison files Oliver Stone, Jim DiEugenio and Paul Bleau at Quebec City (2022) Abraham Bolden thanks Oliver Stone […]

#1117 – Larry Schnapf, Ron Canazzi, Jim DiEugenio, Gary Dean

  Biden delayed the release of the JFK files Over-classification and excessive secrecy in our government Walter Sheridan was tasked by RFK to do a private investigation Sheridan transferred his documents to NBC NBC declined to share the documents with ARRB The Kennedy family has secret documents regarding Cuba The FBI has 6000 files related […]

#1115 – Jen Abreu, Walter Herbst

  Jen Abreu is the founder of Redemption Row California Jen’s website link: www.redemptionrowcalifornia.com Online press event on Wednesday, 28th Sept, by Angela Berry and Jen Sirhan was granted parole but Governor Gavin Newsom reversed the parole board’s recommendation Phone call message from Sirhan Sirhan The Pantry Reject Penal Code 3041.2 Sign the petition here Sirhan going […]

#1114 – Jen Abreu, Donald McGovern, Jim DiEugenio

  Jen Abreu is the founder of Redemption Row California How Jen got into the Sirhan case Jen’s website link: www.redemptionrowcalifornia.com The Pantry Reject Penal Code 3041.2 Sign the petition here The Parole Board is not the place to relitigate your case Sirhan has been denied parole 16 times Paul Schrade is the last living victim of […]