#1076 – Larry Schnapf, Bill Kelly, Michael Le Flem



#1075 – Dave Ratcliffe



#1074 – John Armstrong


  • John’s website: www.harveyandlee.net
  • Article: Westbrook and Croy by John Armstrong
  • This new article focusses for the most part on Westbrook and Croy
  • Article: The Murder of J.D. Tippit by John Armstrong
  • Nearly everything that HARVEY Oswald and LEE Oswald did on 11/22/63 was pre-planned
  • Bill Shelley was Oswald’s supervisor at the Book Depository
  • In 1963 Capt. Westbrook was in charge of the Personnel Dept. for the Dallas police
  • Westbrook had nothing to do with Capt. Will Fritz’s homicide and robbery division
  • Yet following the shooting of President Kennedy Westbrook was everywhere
  • He was the first police officer to arrive at the Texas Theater
  • HARVEY Oswald rode to the Book Depository with Wesley Frazier
  • Frazier’s sister, Linnie Mae Randle, told the WC that Oswald was wearing a grey jacket with big sleeves
  • CE 163 (the jacket)
  • Westbrook’s whereabouts from the time he was last seen at the police station (circa 12:35 pm)
    to his arrival at the book depository are unknown
  • Westbrook told the WC that he walked one mile to the Texas Book Depository Building–a 22 minute walk
  • Reserve officer Sgt. Croy told the WC that when President Kennedy was shot, at 12:30 PM,
    he was “sitting in his car at the city hall”—police headquarters
  • According to Croy, he and his estranged wife had gone to lunch together at Austin’s Barbecue
  • John Armstrong believes that Croy met with Capt. Westbrook and rode in Westbrook’s dark blue,
    unmarked police car, driving to the Book Depository
  • HARVEY Oswald boarded the Marsalis bus and then decided to get off the bus (around 12:44 PM)
  • Two police officers boarded the bus and searched passengers for weapons, around 12:47 to 12:50 PM
  • Why would police board a bus on Elm St. that was headed toward the Book Depository?
  • This was not discussed nor investigated by the Warren Commission nor by the FBI nor the Dallas Police
  • Police car 207
  • Police officer at the Tippit scene before the ambulance arrived
  • The “discovery” of Oswald’s jacket
  • Westbrook was the in charge of personnel dept.
  • Yet he did not remember the name of a single police officer with whom he came in contact that afternoon
  • The second wallet found at the Tippit scene
  • The second wallet was not entered into evidence
  • The only items from this wallet that survived were the two identification cards with the name “Hidell”
  • Two identification cards obtained from the second wallet showed Oswald and Hidell were the same person
  • FBI agent James Hosty published his book Assignment Oswald in March 1996
  • For the first time, JFK researchers learnt about the second wallet which Hosty described in his book
  • Researchers were desperate to interview Westbrook after learning about the second wallet
  • But Westbrook died of cancer only a few weeks before the book was released !!!
  • Following the shooting of HARVEY Oswald by Jack Ruby, Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry
    assembled a special squad of detectives to investigate the murder of Oswald
  • The senior police officer in charge of this “special squad” was none other than Capt. Westbrook
  • Westbrook went on to work with the CIA
  • Westbrook relocated to South Vietnam where he was a CIA-sponsored advisor to the Saigon Police Dept


#1073 – Jim DiEugenio



#1072 – Oliver Stone



#1071 – Jim DiEugenio and Jim Gochenaur, Benjamin Cole


  • Jim Gochenaur is a teacher from Seattle
  • He met and got to know Elmer Moore and Carver Gayton
  • Gayton’s first position in the FBI was in Kansas city where he worked with James Hosty
  • Hosty told Gayton that Oswald was a paid informant
  • Gayton told Gochenaur that one of Malcolm X’s bodyguards was a CIA agent
  • Carver Gayton was Gochenaur’s landlord
  • Gochenaur was in touch with Harold Weisberg
  • Carver Gayton’s testimonies to the Church committee and the HSCA
  • These two testimonies are diametrically opposite to each other
  • “I’ve become a student of American political assassinations” – Elmer Moore
  • FREE Download EbookAccessories After the Fact by Sylvia Meagher (PDF)
  • Elmer Moore was trying to establish the trajectories of the bullets
  • Elmer Moore himself might have come up with the magic bullet theory
  • Moore probably was the first cover-up guy in the JFK case
  • Moore told Gochenaur that JFK was Russia’s man
  • “We got that goddamm lying nigger” – Moore talking about Abraham Bolden
  • “……Kelly and the Chief did (got him)”
  • Neither the HSCA nor the ARRB contacted Gochenaur
  • Part B: Benjamin Cole; beginning at 1:20:18
  • Article: The Strange, Strange Story of Governor Connally’s Shirt & Coat and Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez by Cole
  • Watch all 50 episodes of 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • Article: The Death of the Tumbling Magic-Bullet Theory by Benjamin Cole
  • The bullet passing through Governor John Connally
  • The Mannlicher–Carcano fired a 6.5mm bullet
  • Was the bullet tumbling when it entered Gov Connally?
  • Dr. Shaw was of the opinion that the bullet entering Connally was not tumbling
  • There is no evidence that the bullet was tumbling
  • Dr. Shaw personally performed 900 surgeries during world war two (shrapnel and bullet wounds)
  • Connally’s wife said that she had washed her husband’s shirt in cold water
  • Spectrographic analysis of the shirt failed to find any metallic traces
  • FREE Borrowable EbookThe Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi
  • Book: The Assassinations co-edited by Jim DiEugenio & Lisa Pease: PaperbackKindle
  • The CIA was and is most suspect in regards to the JFK assassination


#1070 – Rob Wilson



#1069 – Dr. Cyril Wecht and Dawna Kaufmann, Aaron Good

  • Dr. Cyril Wecht and Dawna Kaufmann have co-authored a new book on the JFK case
  • Book: The JFK Assassination Dissected by Dr. Wecht and Kaufmann: PaperbackKindle
  • Black Op Radio has been broadcasting since the year 2000
  • Get all the shows of a season for just $10; buy here
  • The foreword for this new book has been written by Oliver Stone
  • Dr. Wecht has personally performed 21,000+ autopsies
  • And consulted more than 41,000 death cases
  • Dr. Wecht shared close relationships with Arlen Specter and Vincent Bugliosi
  • How Dr. Wecht got to know about the shooting of President Kennedy
  • Dr. Wecht as a consultant to Dr. Thomas Noguchi on the RFK autopsy
  • “Dr. Wecht’s exposure of the Warren Commission’s tortured single bullet absurdity, proves definitively that
    President John F. Kennedy’s assassination was the result of a conspiracy” – Rob Reiner
  • “The murder of President Kennedy remains unsolved over 58 years later. For those of us who continue to seek the
    truth, Dr. Wecht is our beacon and his latest book deserves your time and consideration” – Alec Baldwin
  • News (1972): Mystery Cloaks Fate Of Brain of Kennedy
  • Spoliation of evidence
  • Video: Russell Brand on Biden delaying the release of JFK files
  • Video: A Case for Conspiracy with Dr. Cyril H. Wecht
  • Video: JFK Revisited Trailer
  • Why were Humes and Boswell chosen to perform the autopsy?
  • Despite differences on the JFK case, Dr. Wecht shared close relationships with Arlen Specter and Vincent Bugliosi
  • FREE Borrowable EbookJFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass
  • FREE Borrowable EbookBest Evidence by David Lifton
  • CAPA 2021 Virtual JFK Conference
  • Watch all 50 episodes of 50 Reasons for 50 Years


#1068 – Jim DiEugenio, Barry Ernest, Paul Bleau



#1067 – Johnny Cairns


  • Article: A Presumption of Innocence: Lee Harvey Oswald, Part 3 by Johnny Cairns
  • Part 1 and Part 2 of this series by Johnny Cairns
  • Commission Exhibit (CE) 142 (the paper bag)
  • CE 399 (the magic bullet)
  • CE 543, 544, 545 (shells found on the sixth floor)
  • The shells were picked up from the floor before they were photographed
  • FREE Download EbookImpossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald (PDF) by Barry Krusch
  • The chain of custody for the shells is nonexistent
  • Lt. Day testified that the shell was marked by someone who was not at the crime scene
  • According to the WC, the shells were discovered by Deputy Sheriff Luke Mooney
  • Day did not mark the shells at the scene of the crime even though they were in his possession
  • He placed these unmarked shells into an unsealed envelope
  • Under these circumstances, how could Day swear under oath that the shells being presented in evidence
    against Oswald were the same ones allegedly found in the aftermath of the president’s murder?
  • The shells would never have been admitted into evidence in a trial against Oswald
  • Dent in the shell (CE 543)
  • FREE Download EbookSix Seconds in Dallas by Josiah “Tink” Thompson
  • Not a single box of ammunition was found among Oswald’s belongings
  • What should have happened regarding the chain of custody for the shells
  • Oswald would not have been convicted at the trial
  • The palm prints on the rifle
  • The bulk of the core evidence was transferred to the FBI on 11.23.1963
  • www.patspeer.com
  • Unsmoking the Gun by Pat Speer
  • The 1993 PBS Frontline program Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?
  • Johnny Cairns’ book Case Not Closed to be released shortly