#1107 – Richard Otto

  Author of The Paradox of our National Security Complex: Paperback, Kindle And Rethinking America: Paperback, Kindle And The Hidden War: Paperback, Kindle Documentary: Ukraine on Fire (2016) (featuring Oliver Stone) Documentary: Revealing Ukraine (2019) (featuring Oliver Stone) Documentary: Maidan Massacre The collateral damage caused by drone strikes Whistleblowers like Edward Snowden and Bill Binney Trailer: A Good American (Executive Producer: Oliver Stone) Rent/buy A Good American: Vimeo (4k), Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, Microsoft “A nation that continues […]

#1106 – Vince Palamara

  Author of five books Book: Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy: Paperback, Kindle Book: JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium: Paperback, Kindle Book: The Not-So-Secret Service: Agency Tales from FDR to Kennedy Assassination to Reagan Era: Paperback, Kindle Book: Who’s Who in the Secret Service: History’s Most Renowned Agents: Paperback, Kindle Book: Honest Answers about the Murder […]

#1105 – Jim DiEugenio

  Book: JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Jim DiEugenio: Hardcover, Kindle The BluRay and DVD version of both the documentaries were released on July 19, 2022 You can order it here Bonus content includes audio Commentary for JFK Revisited by both Oliver Stone and Jim DiEugenio The documentary is the best-selling bluray/dvd on amazon for three weeks now !! Jim DiEugenio to […]

#1104 – Scott Renyard, Tim Smith

  Scott Renyard is the founder of www.thegreenchannel.tv The site is a streaming service for impactful environmental films Trailer: The Pristine Coast (2014) You can subscribe to www.thegreenchannel.tv for just $9.99 a month Trailer: Food & Fuel: A Story of Resilience Trailer: Who Killed Miracle? The Pristine Coast focusses on the impact of aquaculture and fish farms on wild fish populations The problem […]

#1102 – Jim DiEugenio

  The Quebec city trip with Oliver Stone Article: Oliver Stone in Quebec City (Part 1) by Paul Bleau Articles: The Assassination and Mrs. Paine by Jim DiEugenio: Part 1, Part 2 Stream/buy the documentary The Assassination and Mrs. Paine: Prime, Vimeo, Google Play, iTunes Stream/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass: Showtime, Prime, iTunes, Vudu, Microsoft Stream/buy the documentary series JFK: Destiny Betrayed: Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu There were 64 stories in the media regarding […]

#1100 – Larry Schnapf, Paul Bleau & Jim DiEugenio

  The release of the remaining JFK files postponed by Biden Larry filed a complaint with the help of Mark Zaid and Bill Simpich They sought the underlying correspondence generated about the remaining JFK files About 7500 pages were found to be relevant to their request These pages are to be released at the rate […]

#1099 – Jeffrey L. Meek

  Jeffrey L. Meek is a JFK researcher and author Movie: Executive Action starring Burt Lancester: watch full movie Video: Robert Groden and the first public broadcast of the Zapruder Film on Geraldo Rivera’s show Good Night America Book: A Lone Gunman? by Jeff Meek: Paperback Book: Manipulation of Lee Harvey Oswald: And the Cover-Up That Followed by Jeff Meek: Paperback FREE Download Ebook: Accessories After the Fact by […]

#1098 – Randy Benson, Max Good

  Randy Benson is a documentarian and a filmmaker Documentary: The Searchers by Randolph Benson (vimeo on demand) The website of the documentary: www.thesearchersfilm.com Randy’s website: www.rbensonfilm.com John Judge’s research and activism Starting in 1999, John Judge and Bill Kelly started holding a remembrance for JFK’s 1963 Peace Speech June 10 1963, JFK’s American University commencement address titled ‘A Strategy of […]