#1002 – Rob Couteau


  • Rob Couteau is a visual artist and literary author from Brooklyn
  • Rob Couteau reviews Stanley J. Marks’ 1967 book Murder Most Foul
  • Article: Stanley Marks and Murder Most Foul! — A Sequel to “The Kennedy / Dylan Sensation”
  • Book: The Bastard Bullet (1966) by Raymond Marcus: Read OnlineDownload PDF
  • The interesting story of how Rob got to own a copy of Marks’ book Murder Most Foul
  • The unique style of the book Murder Most Foul
  • Book: Oswald: Assassin or Fall Guy? by Joachim Joesten: PaperbackHardcoverKindleAudiobook
  • Marks is a Zelig-like figure of the twentieth century
  • Marks was born in 1914
  • He accumulates a 5000-book library
  • Writes a bestseller book in 1942 which is pro Russia
  • House Un-American Activities Committee blacklisted Stanley J. Marks in 1944
  • In 1945, he serves under General McArthur in the Pacific
  • Marks self-published 22 books, 4 of which are about the assassinations
  • What is meant by “against the national interest”? The WC has never defined this undefinable phrase.
    However after the publication of the Warren “Report” many commentators and historians interpret that phrase
    to mean that whenever a future President is murdered, his killers can escape capture and punishment if a future
    investigating committee decides that their capture would be against the national interest”
  • The last chapter is titled The Rape of American Conscience
  • Chapter 2: The Fraudulent Autopsy OR How to Lie in a Military Manner
  • Chapter 3: The Non-Existent Paperbag OR How to Manufacture Evidence
  • Marks was one of the first American researchers to conclude that the same forces which were behind President
    Kennedy’s assassination were also involved in the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King
  • Cordell Hull, the man known as the “father of the United Nations”
  • How Rob Couteau found Stanley Marks’ daughter Bobby
  • Efforts to try to get the book republished
  • Marks’ take on the media cover-up of the assassination
  • The most important letter in CIA is A for Agency
  • Who is the CIA really working for?
  • Book: Battling Wall Street by Donald Gibson: PaperbackHardcover
  • Book: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up by Donald Gibson: PaperbackKindle
  • The “Double V Campaign”
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