#1171 – Michael Capasse, Jim DiEugenio

  Michael’s website:Clay Shaw Trial | Grand Jury Testimony Forum page: jfk.boards.net How Michael got interested in the JFK case FREE Borrowable Ebook: Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs Video: “I’m just a patsy” – Oswald Part B: Jim DiEugenio; beginning at 16:01 Jim to be at the Mercantile Library of Cincinnati on 14th of Nov Address: […]

#1170 – John Armstrong

  Part 2 of John Armstrong’s article Virginia Davis, a WC witness on the Tippit murder Warren Reynolds Reynolds worked at Reynolds Motors on Jefferson Blvd Capt. William Westbrook in car 207 Lobby in the Texas theater Helen Markham and Sgt. Kenneth Croy The blue/grey jacket that HARVEY Oswald wore The FBI’s timing of Tippit’s murder […]

#1169 – Michael Gregory, Jeff Meek

  Article: WHO Pandemic Treaty: What It Is, Why It Matters and How to Stop It Article: International Health Regulations Amendments Will Give WHO Unprecedented Power to Override National Sovereignty, Expert Warns Fauci funded gain of function research via Peter Daszak of the EcoHealth Alliance Ivor Cummins’ YouTube channel and Twitter (X) handle Video: Jon Stewart Embraces Lab Leak Theory As Colbert […]

#1168 – Ted Yacucci, Jim DiEugenio

  Ted Yacucci is a filmmaker and teaches TV production Documentary: The CIA and Mrs. Paine – They Had a Thing Going On Ted’s YouTube channel Video: Top Four Reasons for Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination Video: Common Sense: A look at proof of conspiracy in the assassination of JFK Video: Trust Your Eyes…Proof of Conspiracy in the JFK assassination […]

#1167 – John Armstrong

Article: The Pre-Arranged Murder of J.D. Tippit – Part 1 Nearly everything that involved HARVEY Oswald and LEE Oswald on November 22 was pre-planned because nothing could be left to chance Officer Tippit was one of the few people who was familiar with both LEE Oswald and with HARVEY Oswald Oswald was seen on multiple occasions […]

#1166 – Andrew Iler, Jim DiEugenio, Paul Bleau, Paul Abbott

  Andrew Iler is a lawyer from Ontario At Kennedys and King Article: The Biden/CIA Attempt to Usurp Congress’ Authority Over JFK Records by Andrew Iler and Mark Adamczyk Gannon Memo (PDF) Final determination forms President Biden’s Executive Memorandum Download the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 here (PDF) President’s ongoing ministerial duties with respect to postponement of assassination […]

#1165 – Jim DiEugenio

  At Kennedys and King Article: ACTION ALERT: Secret Service Protection for RFK Jr. by Jim DiEugenio Video: Gunman Arrested at RFK Event in L.A. (with Lisa Pease and Jim DiEugenio) “Biden is 80 years old. He has a very difficult time speaking in public and sometimes he has problems walking in public” The fraud of Russiagate Article: Hoover […]

#1164 – Ben Wecht, Jim DiEugenio, Ray McGinnis, FIOY

  The JFK Assassination at 60 (Annual Symposium) Register for the event here Wednesday, November 15th – Friday, November 17th The program will also be broadcast online via Zoom app Speakers include Dr. Cyril Wecht, Douglas Horne, Bill Simpich, David Mantik, John Newman Mark de Valk, Jefferson Morley, James DiEugenio, David Talbot, Paul Landis Part B: Jim DiEugenio; beginning […]

#1163 – Bart Kamp

  Bart Kamp’s website: www.prayer-man.com Book: Prayer Man: More Than a Fuzzy Picture by Bart Kamp: Paperback, Kindle How Bart got interested in the case If Oswald was the prayer man, then the whole official case falls apart The many mistakes and contradictions with the Dallas PD’s investigation JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray + DVD Rent/buy JFK Revisited: Through the […]

#1162 – Joachim Van Wing, Jim DiEugenio

  Len spoke at the conference organized by Joachim Van Wing at Brussels Other topics addressed at the conference: The real data behind climate change; is it possible to get rid of fossil fuels entirely? Health and cellular energy; macroeconomics and the CBDCs; the real function of the government Trailer: Oliver Stone’s new documentary Nuclear Now […]