#1166 – Andrew Iler, Jim DiEugenio, Paul Bleau, Paul Abbott


  • Andrew Iler is a lawyer from Ontario
  • At Kennedys and King
  • Article: The Biden/CIA Attempt to Usurp Congress’ Authority Over JFK Records by Andrew Iler and Mark Adamczyk
  • Gannon Memo (PDF)
  • Final determination forms
  • President Biden’s Executive Memorandum
  • Download the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 here (PDF)
  • President’s ongoing ministerial duties with respect to postponement of assassination records
  • The JFK Records Act reversed the burden of proof on to the defendent
  • Video: Robert Groden and the first public broadcast of the Zapruder Film on Geraldo Rivera’s show Good Night America
  • Part B: Paul Bleau and Paul Abbott; beginning at 1:15:15
  • Paul Abbott is a researcher from Perth, Australia
  • Paul Abbott is working on an index to all the Garrison files
  • Please email Len at osanic@prouty.org if you would like free access to the Garrison files
  • Len will include the index file along with the Garrison files
  • The Warren Commission did not spend a lot of time on New Orleans
  • The similarities between Permindex and the International Trade Mart
  • The three babysitters of Oswald all had links to Allen Dulles


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