#1163 – Bart Kamp


  • Bart Kamp’s website: www.prayer-man.com
  • Book: Prayer Man: More Than a Fuzzy Picture by Bart Kamp: PaperbackKindle
  • How Bart got interested in the case
  • If Oswald was the prayer man, then the whole official case falls apart
  • The many mistakes and contradictions with the Dallas PD’s investigation
  • JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray + DVD
  • Rent/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking GlassShowtimePrimeiTunesVuduMicrosoft
  • Rent/buy the documentary series JFK: Destiny BetrayedAmazon PrimeiTunesVudu
  • Video: “I’m just a patsy” – Oswald
  • Why weren’t the interrogations of Oswald recorded?
  • Dallas PD captain Will Fritz couldn’t get Oswald to confess but he couldn’t break Oswald
  • FBI changed testimonies of witnesses
  • Bart to work on getting the files of J. Lee Rankin


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