#1158 – Oliver Stone, Joachim Van Wing


  • Trailer: Oliver Stone’s new documentary Nuclear Now
  • Book: A Bright Future: How Some Countries Have Solved Climate Change and the Rest Can Follow
    by Joshua S. Goldstein and Staffan A. Qvist: PaperbackHardcoverKindle
  • Nuclear energy needs to be a part of the solution to the climate crisis
  • Atmosphere is not getting cooler but rather hotter
  • The history of nuclear energy
  • Nuclear power reactors use 5% or less enriched uranium as opposed to 90% or more for nuclear weapons
  • The Rockefeller foundation was behind the move to discredit nuclear power
  • Nuclear power reactors have worked continuously for 50 years in submarines without any problems
  • Presidents Eisenhower and John Kennedy both supported nuclear power
  • The Rockefeller/fossil fuel groups didn’t want nuclear power to outcompete with fossil fuels
  • The three mile island accident was a meltdown which led to a radiation leak
  • But the containment structure contained the radiation thus ensuring no people were injured/hurt
  • The Soviets built a sloppy structure at Chernobyl which had no containment structure
  • China plans to build 140 nuclear reactors by 2038
  • SMRs = Small Modular Reactors
  • “We assume that man is selfish, people are selfish, nations are selfish. But we have to see
    that sometimes, even being selfish, we can work for the interests of mankind” – Oliver Stone
  • Joe Biden’s shutting down the release of the JFK files
  • Book: JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Jim DiEugenio: HardcoverKindle
  • JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray + DVD
  • Rent/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking GlassShowtimePrimeiTunesVuduMicrosoft
  • Rent/buy the documentary series JFK: Destiny BetrayedAmazon PrimeiTunesVudu
  • Part B: Joachim Van Wing; Play Video (Joachim Van Wing)
  • Len invited to Brussels to speak at a conference
  • Dr. Robert Malone and Geert Vanden Bossche was a speaker at last year’s conference
  • Len to talk about Black Op Radio and the JFK case
  • Other topics to be addressed this year:
  • The real data behind climate change; is it possible to get rid of fossil fuels entirely?
  • Health and cellular energy; macroeconomics and the CBDCs; the real function of the government
  • The event will be recorded and made available online at a later date
  • Interview from last year
  • The interview with Geert Vanden Bossche Phd and Marc Wathelet Phd
  • An interview and critical assassment of the measures taken by the government,
    profylaxis, therapeutics and vaccine strategy https://www.bitchute.com/video/0EW2mlaCCAK5/
  • Interview with Robert Malone, MD
  • On mRNA technology https://www.bitchute.com/video/WzJxF0Zr5u8i/