#1109 – Walter Herbst, Michael Gregory



#1108 – John Barbour, Paul Bleau


  • Author of Your Mother’s Not a Virgin! by John Barbour: PaperbackKindle
  • Documentary: The Garrison Tapes
  • The American Media & The Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy: iTunesAmazonVimeo
  • Barbour’s cameraman for The Garrison Tapes was George Elkins
  • Elkins’s father was second-in-command of Military Intelligence in Vietnam for about 10 years
  • Movie: Executive Action starring Burt Lancester: watch full movie
  • Cable 243
  • McGeorge Bundy’s draft of NSAM 273 written on Nov 21, 1963
  • John’s facebook page
  • John’s website: www.johnbarboursworld.com
  • Part B: Paul Bleau; beginning at 28:12
  • Please email Len at osanic@prouty.org if you would like to access the Garrison files
  • Articles: Oliver Stone in Quebec City by Paul Bleau: Part 1Part 2
  • Articles: Exposing the FPCC by Paul Bleau: Part 1Part 2
  • Articles: Three Failed Plots to Kill JFK by Paul Bleau: Part 1Part 2
  • Richard Case Nagell
  • Wendall Roache of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)
  • The HSCA on the lack of a proper investigation by the Warren Commission
  • Part 3 of Exposing the FPCC to be posted soon
  • Clay Shaw and the International Trade Mart
  • INCA – Infomation Council of the Americas
  • INCA was a propaganda organization founded by Ed Butler
  • INCA’s links to intelligence
  • Paul’s upcoming article titled Oswald’s Escort


#1107 – Richard Otto



#1106 – Vince Palamara



#1105 – Jim DiEugenio


  • Book: JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Jim DiEugenio: HardcoverKindle
  • The BluRay and DVD version of both the documentaries were released on July 19, 2022
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  • Bonus content includes audio Commentary for JFK Revisited by both Oliver Stone and Jim DiEugenio
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  • Jim’s address: P.O. Box 4354, Burbank, CA 91503
  • At Kennedys and King
  • Article: Fletcher Prouty vs. the ARRB by Jim DiEugenio
  • Article: Fletcher Prouty vs Edward Epstein by Jim DiEugenio
  • Smearing Col. Prouty is a way to get back at Oliver Stone’s movie JFK
  • FREE Borrowable EbookReport from Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin
  • New York Times Book Review: Report from Iron Mountain: The Guest Word by Leonard Lewin
  • Report from Iron Mountain is a satirical novel
  • John Kenneth Galbraith and Victor Navasky were consultants for Lewin’s book
  • Video: Jim Garrison meets Mr. X (Oliver Stone’s JFK)
  • “The organizing principle of any society is for war” – Mr. X
  • Articles: Oliver Stone in Quebec City by Paul Bleau: Part 1Part 2
  • Paul Bleau’s upcoming articles based on the Jim Garrison files
  • Please email Len at osanic@prouty.org if you would like to access the Garrison files
  • Articles: Exposing the FPCC by Paul Bleau: Part 1Part 2
  • Part 3 of the series to be posted soon
  • Clay Shaw was a con artist, probably one of the greatest
  • Pseudo experts in the critical community were preaching that Garrison had nothing
  • Operation Mongoose
  • Listener questions answered
  • Order the JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection with an exclusive autographed poster by Oliver Stone!!
  • Book: Kill Anything that Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam by Nick Turse: PaperbackKindleAudiobook
  • Book: The Paradox of our National Security Complex by Richard Otto: PaperbackKindle
  • Book: Rethinking America by Richard Otto: PaperbackKindle
  • Lisa Pease tweets about Allen Dulles’ calendar for 1963 that has gone missing
  • When Jim spoke to Marina Oswald, she didn’t want to talk about Ruth Paine
  • June 10 1963, JFK’s American University commencement address titled ‘A Strategy of Peace’AudioVideoText
  • June 11 1963, JFK’s landmark Civil Rights Speech: VideoText
  • There has been a systematic effort to diminish Kennedy’s achievements
  • The Kennedys and Civil Rights: How the MSM Continues to Distort History by Jim – Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
  • Hack historians like Larry Sabato claim that JFK did nothing for civil rights until 1963
  • FREE Borrowable EbookOf Kennedys and Kings: Making Sense of the Sixties by Harris Wofford
  • Documentary: Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment (1963): iTunesPrimeGoogle PlayVudu
  • Book: Two Days in June: John F. Kennedy and the 48 Hours that Made History
    by Andrew Cohen: PaperbackHardcoverKindle
  • Book: The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act by Clay Risen:
  • FREE Borrowable EbookPromises Kept by Irving Bernstein


#1104 – Scott Renyard, Tim Smith



#1103 – Col. L. Fletcher Prouty


  • The censorship exercised by the newspaper editors
  • The advantages of hemp
  • Tungsten mining in Vietnam
  • The garden of eden in the world was Southeast Asia
  • Saigon was called the Paris of the Orion
  • It was mindless to destroy a beautiful place like Vietnam
  • Most likely one of the reasons for the Vietnam war was to get American businesses to replace the French
  • Is petroleum a fossil fuel?
  • Generally, no fossils are found below 16,000 feet
  • The oil depletion allowance
  • Video: President Kennedy calls out the steel companies (1962)
  • “It has long been a Kennedy tradition: not to get mad but to get even. I fully realize that
    I shall not be able to get even during my first term in office. But during my second term,
    you are going to see some important changes” – President Kennedy
  • Why was Governor Connally in the same car as the President?
  • Lansdale and Col. Prouty knew each other since 1952
  • Lansdale was sent to the Philippines in 1952 to overthrow President Elpidio Quirino
  • And replace him with the new President Ramon Magsaysay
  • Col. Napoleon Valeriano trained Cuban exiles before the bay of pigs invasion
  • Valeriano became an American citizen
  • A million Vietnamese migrated from the North to the South before the war
  • The US Navy transported 660,000 Vietnamese from the North to the South
  • 330,000 were moved by CIA’s airline Civil Air Transport (CAT)
  • On September 2, 1953, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said “In Indochina, a desperate
    struggle is in its eighth year….We are already contributing largely in matériel and money to the
    combined efforts of the French and of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.”
  • Chiang Kai-Shek’s presence at the Tehran conference
  • Article from Parade Magazine, Feb 1986:
    Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt by Elliott Roosevelt: Page 1Page 2
  • The cold war really began before the second world war ended
  • Our governments do not know how to operate without the threat of war
  • FREE Borrowable EbookReport from Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin
  • New York Times Book Review: Report from Iron Mountain: The Guest Word by Leonard Lewin
  • The degradation of the infrastructure in the US


#1102 – Jim DiEugenio



#1101 – Col. L. Fletcher Prouty


  • Lawerence Patterson’s National Bankruptcy Seminar Sept 1993
  • An Insiders View: “The Last Word on the Assassination”
  • Something more serious than the death of just one man happened on Nov 22, 1963
  • Kennedy was not going in the direction that certain very powerful groups wanted
  • Kennedy sent Col. Prouty’s boss Gen. Viktor Krulak to South Vietnam to get as much data as possible
  • Gen. Krulak served as special assistant for counter insurgency activities, Organization of the JCS
  • Col. Prouty was offered the assignment of Chief of Intelligence in Vietnam which he declined
  • The Mcnamara-Taylor report was actually written by Gen. Krulak and Col. Prouty
  • National Security Action Memorandum 263
  • NSAM 263 mentioned in Oliver Stone’s movie JFK
  • Media attacked Stone’s JFK even before the film had a final script
  • The second death of President Kennedy
  • Lawlessness is being accepted at the highest levels
  • Lawlessness is abided when it’s approved of by the people in power today
  • Col. Prouty’s unexpected meet with George Patton
  • The 2600 US soldiers that went “missing in action” in Sicily, 1943
  • PT-109 (JFK’s patrol boat)
  • The CIA was created under the National Security Act of 1947
  • The law contained no provision whatsoever for the colleciton of intelligence or clandestine activities
  • National Security Council Directive 5412: HTMLPDFRatical
  • NSC 5412 defined ‘Covert Operations’ for the first time
  • NSC 5412: The overt foreign activities of the U.S. Government should be supplemented by covert operations
  • NSC 5412: “Covert Operations” shall be understood to be all activities conducted pursuant to this directive which
    are so planned and executed that any U.S. Government responsibility for them is not evident to unauthorized
    persons and that if uncovered the U.S. Government can plausibly disclaim any responsibility for them.
  • President Eisenhower believed that the CIA should not become a fourth force
  • The CIA supported more than 42,000 Indonesians during their rebellion against President Sukarno
  • US Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald took part in the CIA’s operation against President Sukarno
  • By mid 1959, Vice President Richard Nixon declared Fidel Castro a communist
  • In March 1960, the NSC approved covert operations against Castro
  • Eisenhower’s Crusade for peace
  • Video: Fletcher Prouty explains how and why the Gary Powers’ U2 flight was sabotaged
  • Allen Dulles’s testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on 31 May 1960
    about the Gary Powers’ incident: Read onlineScanned PDFSearchable PDF
  • President Eisenhower’s farewell address on Jan 17, 1961: VideoText
  • “It has long been a Kennedy tradition: not to get mad but to get even. I fully realize that
    I shall not be able to get even during my first term in office. But during my second term,
    you are going to see some important changes” – President Kennedy
  • The CIA by itself changed the plans for the anti-Castro operations
    from the Eisenhower-approved small unit attacks to a major over-the-beach invasion
  • By 1960, the Vietnam war preparations were in their fifteenth year
  • The Bay of Pigs operation in April 1961
  • McGeorge Bundy’s call to the Deputy Director of the CIA Charles P. Cabell cancelling the air strikes
  • General Walter Bedell Smith was the key to the whole Kennedy study plan (Bay of Pigs)
  • Gen. Smith was the Director of Central Intelligence from 1950-53
  • Letter From the Chairman of the Cuba Study Group (Taylor) to President Kennedy (FRUS)
  • “In closing, may I express our view of the great importance of a prompt implementation of our first recommendation
    to establish a Strategic Resources Group supported by a Cold War Indications Center which will allow our
    government readily to focus its resources on the objectives which you set in the so-called Cold War.”
  • “The Joint Chiefs of Staff have a responsibility for the defense of the nation in the Cold War
    similar to that which they have in conventional hostilities”
  • NSAM 55 (FRUS)
  • NSAMs 55, 56 and 57
  • 2.7 million Americans served in Vietnam
  • From 1945-65, almost all US military personnel in Vietnam served under the
    operational authority of the CIA and not under military command
  • CIA’s Siagon Military Mission
  • During the entire Kennedy period, there was no conventional military activity in Vietnam
  • “The first thing I’ll do when I’m re-elected, I’m gonna get Americans out of Vietnam” – JFK
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963, Volume IV, Vietnam, August–December 1963
    Download this Ebook in EPUB or MOBI format
  • “The United States’ objective in South Vietnam is to bring Americans home” – JFK on Nov 14, 1963
  • Video: JFK’s last press conference on Nov 14, 1963: “that is our object – to bring Americans home”
  • Oct 30 1963, there were 16,730 military personnel in Vietnam
  • FREE Borrowable EbookIn Retrospect: The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam by Robert S. McNamara
  • Leslie Gelb, director of the Pentagon Papers project, became the President of the CFR in 1993
  • The CFR mourns the passing of Dr. Leslie H. Gelb, CFR’s president emeritus and a dedicated member for 46 years
  • FREE Download Ebooks: The Pentagon Papers (The Senator Gravel Edition): Vol 1Vol 2Vol 3Vol 4Vol 5
  • Page 223 of Vol 2“…US intention to withdraw 1,000 troops by the end of the year”
  • On the same page, it talks about NSAM 273 on Nov 23, 1963
  • But NSAM 273 DID NOT exist on Nov 23, 1963; it was signed on the 26th
  • McGeorge Bundy’s draft of NSAM 273 written on Nov 21, 1963
  • The Christchurch Star: Nov 23, 1963
  • Historically assassinations take place when the usual high degree of protection of the leader
    of any state is not provided. That condition alone invites planned murder
  • The Secret Service protocols for protecting the President were not followed in Dallas
  • Man with the umbrella, open windows
  • “I never believed that Oswald acted alone” – LBJ, Atlantic, July 1973
  • “We had been operating a damned Murder Inc. in the Caribbean” – LBJ (same source as above)
  • FBI Director Hoover informed LBJ that the shots were fired from the FIFTH floor
  • A tree blocked the view from the fifth floor making it impossible to shoot Kennedy
  • It was then changed to the SIXTH floor
  • Arlen Specter deviced the The Single Bullet Theory (aka The Magic Bullet)


#1100 – Larry Schnapf, Paul Bleau & Jim DiEugenio


  • The release of the remaining JFK files postponed by Biden
  • Larry filed a complaint with the help of Mark Zaid and Bill Simpich
  • They sought the underlying correspondence generated about the remaining JFK files
  • About 7500 pages were found to be relevant to their request
  • These pages are to be released at the rate of 250 pages a month
  • The FBI has resisted releasing approximately 6400 pages about the mafia
  • The ARRB could overrule the FBI and the CIA but the National Archives cannot
  • Documents concerning George Joannides are still being withheld
  • Larry can be reached at larry@schnapflaw.com
  • Part B: Paul Bleau & Jim DiEugenio; beginning at 27:09
  • The Quebec City event
  • The historic Chateau Frontenac hotel was a partner of the event
  • Book: Chasing the Light by Oliver Stone: HardcoverPaperbackKindleAudiobook
  • News: Abraham Bolden: Ex-Secret Service agent pardoned by Biden
  • Abraham Bolden’s special video produced by Len and Paul for Oliver Stone
  • Paul and Jim recall the events and the public’s reaction
  • Stream/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking GlassShowtimePrimeiTunesVuduMicrosoft
  • Stream/buy the documentary series JFK: Destiny BetrayedAmazon PrimeiTunesVudu
  • Paul McCartney in Quebec City (2008)