#1171 – Michael Capasse, Jim DiEugenio



#1170 – John Armstrong


  • Part 2 of John Armstrong’s article
  • Virginia Davis, a WC witness on the Tippit murder
  • Warren Reynolds
  • Reynolds worked at Reynolds Motors on Jefferson Blvd
  • Capt. William Westbrook in car 207
  • Lobby in the Texas theater
  • Helen Markham and Sgt. Kenneth Croy
  • The blue/grey jacket that HARVEY Oswald wore
  • The FBI’s timing of Tippit’s murder
  • Part 3 of John Armstrong’s article
  • Westbrook’s lies and coverup
  • The second Oswald wallet
  • The arrival of the police at the Texas theater
  • Nearly everything Westbrook said to the Warren Commission was a lie


#1169 – Michael Gregory, Jeff Meek



#1168 – Ted Yacucci, Jim DiEugenio



#1167 – John Armstrong

  • Article: The Pre-Arranged Murder of J.D. Tippit – Part 1
  • Nearly everything that involved HARVEY Oswald and LEE Oswald on November 22 was pre-planned
    because nothing could be left to chance
  • Officer Tippit was one of the few people who was familiar with both LEE Oswald and with HARVEY Oswald
  • Oswald was seen on multiple occasions with Officer Tippit prior to the assassination
  • Oswald was also seen with Jack Ruby prior to the assassination on multiple occasions
  • The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald did not drive a car and did not have a driver’s license
  • But 5 days after the assassination LEE Oswald’s driver’s license showed in Austin
  • Stuart Reed’s photos of the bus
  • Reserve Officer Sgt. Kenneth Croy
  • William Whaley’s taxi
  • Tippit at the Gloco station
  • Dallas police car #207


#1166 – Andrew Iler, Jim DiEugenio, Paul Bleau, Paul Abbott


  • Andrew Iler is a lawyer from Ontario
  • At Kennedys and King
  • Article: The Biden/CIA Attempt to Usurp Congress’ Authority Over JFK Records by Andrew Iler and Mark Adamczyk
  • Gannon Memo (PDF)
  • Final determination forms
  • President Biden’s Executive Memorandum
  • Download the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 here (PDF)
  • President’s ongoing ministerial duties with respect to postponement of assassination records
  • The JFK Records Act reversed the burden of proof on to the defendent
  • Video: Robert Groden and the first public broadcast of the Zapruder Film on Geraldo Rivera’s show Good Night America
  • Part B: Paul Bleau and Paul Abbott; beginning at 1:15:15
  • Paul Abbott is a researcher from Perth, Australia
  • Paul Abbott is working on an index to all the Garrison files
  • Please email Len at osanic@prouty.org if you would like free access to the Garrison files
  • Len will include the index file along with the Garrison files
  • The Warren Commission did not spend a lot of time on New Orleans
  • The similarities between Permindex and the International Trade Mart
  • The three babysitters of Oswald all had links to Allen Dulles


#1165 – Jim DiEugenio


  • At Kennedys and King
  • Article: ACTION ALERT: Secret Service Protection for RFK Jr. by Jim DiEugenio
  • Video: Gunman Arrested at RFK Event in L.A. (with Lisa Pease and Jim DiEugenio)
  • “Biden is 80 years old. He has a very difficult time speaking in public
    and sometimes he has problems walking in public”
  • The fraud of Russiagate
  • Article: Hoover vs. King: The ARRB Documents by Jim DiEugenio
  • “Though nothing has come to the Bureau’s attention to indicate the Reverend Martin Luther King
    is a Communist Party member, he has been linked with numerous leftist and communist front
    organizations and is currently active in racial and segregation matters.”
  • King’s organization was Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)
  • The reason why Bobby Kennedy approved the wire tap on Dr. King’s phone
  • Time magazine named King its Man of the Year at the end of 1963


#1164 – Ben Wecht, Jim DiEugenio, Ray McGinnis, FIOY



#1163 – Bart Kamp


  • Bart Kamp’s website: www.prayer-man.com
  • Book: Prayer Man: More Than a Fuzzy Picture by Bart Kamp: PaperbackKindle
  • How Bart got interested in the case
  • If Oswald was the prayer man, then the whole official case falls apart
  • The many mistakes and contradictions with the Dallas PD’s investigation
  • JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray + DVD
  • Rent/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking GlassShowtimePrimeiTunesVuduMicrosoft
  • Rent/buy the documentary series JFK: Destiny BetrayedAmazon PrimeiTunesVudu
  • Video: “I’m just a patsy” – Oswald
  • Why weren’t the interrogations of Oswald recorded?
  • Dallas PD captain Will Fritz couldn’t get Oswald to confess but he couldn’t break Oswald
  • FBI changed testimonies of witnesses
  • Bart to work on getting the files of J. Lee Rankin


#1162 – Joachim Van Wing, Jim DiEugenio