#1015 – Gary Hill


  • Article: Rand Development and U.S. Intelligence by Gary Hill
  • Book: Other Oswald: A Wilderness of Mirrors by Gary Hill: PaperbackKindle
  • How Gary got interested in the case
  • Robert Webster and his “defection” to Soviet Russia
  • Gary’s website: www.theotheroswald.com
  • Webster worked for the RAND Development Corporation
  • Marina met Webster in the Soviet Union
  • Airforce Intelligence operation ‘Longstride’
  • James Angleton and his mole-hunt
  • If Oswald wanted to become famous by killing Kennedy, then why did he deny shooting him?
  • “The most important letter in CIA is A=Agency” – Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Curtis LeMay ran RAND Corporation
  • RAND Development Corporation was founded by James Rand Jr.
  • Ruth Paine had connections with Robert Webster
  • CIA’s mind control project MK-Ultra
  • H.J. Rand Foundation was a part of MKULTRA SUB-PROJECT NO. 79
  • Rand Development was a “cut-out” for the purpose of funding organizations engaged in very “sensitive” research
  • Oswald’s Mexico city trip
  • Book: Oswald: Russian Episode by Ernst Titovets: PaperbackKindle
  • Article: Marina & Robert by Gary Hill


#1014 – Dr. Cyril Wecht / Jim DiEugenio




#1013 – Percy Schmeiser

Percy Schmeiser is a farmer from Bruno, Saskatchewan Canada whose Canola fields were
contaminated with Monsanto’s Round-Up Ready Canola. Monsanto’s position is that it doesn’t
matter whether Schmeiser knew or not that his canola field was contaminated with the
Roundup Ready gene and that he must pay their Technology Fee.

When Percy Scheiser was speaking in to the Parliment in Capetown South Africa One of
Monsanto’s reps from Johannesburg shook his fist in Percy’s face and exclaimed
“Nobody stands up to monsanto, we’re gonna get you, and we’re gonna destroy you somehow…”

  • Percy Schmeiser just passed away
  • this is a repeat from show 164
  • New movie just released about his battle with monsanto Movie Trailer starring Christopher Walken
  • Percy is a farmer and seed developers from Bruno, Saskatchewan Canada, growing Canola
  • A judge ruled in favor of Monsanto
  • GMOs and the superweeds problem
  • Farmers using Monsanto’s seeds are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Extortion letters from Monsanto
  • Free leather jacket for farmers who rat out their neighbours growing Monsanto’s seeds
  • A farmer’s right to use seeds from his own produce year to year
  • Adverse health effects of GMOs
  • Once the modified gene enters the food chain, there is no containment
  • There are no pure canola seeds anymore in Canada
  • Mad science and science-based destruction
  • GMO foods must be labelled
  • Monsanto said that Agent Orange and Aspertame were safe too !!!
  • Are we to believe them again when they tell us that GMOs are safe?
  • No one should have the right to destroy nature


#1012 – John Kelin, Jim DiEugenio




#1011 – Sterling Seagrave


  • Original airdate Feb 3, 2011
  • His book “Gold Warriors”
  • Operation Golden Lily
  • Article 14 of the 1951 treaty voids any return of money
  • The Black Eagle Trust: slush fund loot by Ed Lansdale
  • The M Fund and Richard Nixon
  • Ed Lansdale, Napolean Valariano, Charles Bohanon,
  • The Nugan Hand bank scandle Play video
  • CIA took Ethiopian money and use in 1948 for Italian election
  • Federal Reserve paper… worthless


#1010 – Jim DiEugenio



#1009 – Jim DiEugenio



#1008 – James Corbett



#1007 – John Armstrong


  • Part 3 of John Armstrong’s presentation
  • For Part 1 listen to episode 1001b
  • For Part 2 listen to episode 1005
  • John’s new article: Marine Corps and the Soviet Union
  • Oswald’s famous classroom photograph
  • In late 1958 HARVEY assumes LEE Oswald’s identity
  • And the short, heavy-set Marguerite Oswald impostor assumes the identity of the tall, nice-looking Marguerite Oswald
  • Where did Oswald learn Russian?
  • “The Bureau did not consider it feasible to identify and interview military personnel who served with Oswald during 1958”
    FBI teletype to agents on November 27
  • Author Edward Epstein interviewed over 100 marines who knew the tall, husky, LEE Oswald in Japan
  • Epstein’s interviews and historical records were placed in “special collections” at Georgetown University
  • These interviews and records are not available to the public
  • After several inquries the university notified Armstrong that all records had “disappeared”
  • Harvey Oswald at Santa Ana base
  • Harvey Oswald’s interest in the Russian language
  • Richard Case Nagell
  • Marina Oswald and Robert Oswald
  • In the 1970’s CIA finance officer James B Wilcott testified before the HSCA
  • He said that in 1959 he worked out of the covert station in Japan and dispensed unvouchered funds for the “Oswald Project”
  • The Oswald projectwas probably organized and handled by James Angleton


#1006 – Vincent Salandria Memorial