#1167 – John Armstrong

  • Article: The Pre-Arranged Murder of J.D. Tippit – Part 1
  • Nearly everything that involved HARVEY Oswald and LEE Oswald on November 22 was pre-planned
    because nothing could be left to chance
  • Officer Tippit was one of the few people who was familiar with both LEE Oswald and with HARVEY Oswald
  • Oswald was seen on multiple occasions with Officer Tippit prior to the assassination
  • Oswald was also seen with Jack Ruby prior to the assassination on multiple occasions
  • The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald did not drive a car and did not have a driver’s license
  • But 5 days after the assassination LEE Oswald’s driver’s license showed in Austin
  • Stuart Reed’s photos of the bus
  • Reserve Officer Sgt. Kenneth Croy
  • William Whaley’s taxi
  • Tippit at the Gloco station
  • Dallas police car #207