#1082 – Jim DeBrosse, Jim DiEugenio


  • Jim DiEugenio and Len Osanic interview author Jim DeBrosse
  • Book: See No Evil: The JFK Assassination and the U.S. Media by Jim DeBrosse: PaperbackKindle
  • Jim DeBrosse’s data analysis of the media
  • “It would have taken too long and I had a deadline” – Tom Wicker on reading the Warren Report
  • Why has no reporter except Jim Marrs ever done anything on the JFK case?
  • Article: JFK: How the Media Assassinated the Real Story by Robert Hennelly and Jerry Policoff
  • Richard Billings and Hugh Aynesworth’s relationship with the Kennedy case
  • CIA’s Operation Red Cross in Cuba sponsored by Ted Shackley
  • Fred J. Cook’s two-part article critical of the Warren Commission in The Nation magazine
  • Part 1: The Warren Commission Report: Some Unanswered Questions dated June 13, 1966:
    Read onlineDownload Scanned PDFDownload Searchable PDF
  • Part 2: The Warren Commission Report: Testimony of the Eyewitnesses dated June 20, 1966:
    Read onlineDownload Scanned PDFDownload Searchable PDF
  • John Leonard’s article in the New York Times regarding the JFK assassination
  • It was combined book review of Jim Garrison’s A Heritage of Stone and James Kirkwood’s American Grotesque
  • The headline was changed from “Who Killed John F. Kennedy? Mysteries Persist” to “The Shaw-Garrison Affair”
  • The deleted paragraphs from the first edition included these words:
  • “But until someone explains why two autopsies came to two different conclusions about the President’s wounds,
    why the limousine was washed out and rebuilt without investigation, why certain witnesses near the ‘grassy knoll’
    were never asked to testify before the Commission, why we were all so eager to buy Oswald’s brilliant marksmanship
    in split seconds, why no one inquired into Jack Ruby’s relations with a staggering variety of strange people, why a
    ‘loner’ like Oswald always had friends and could always get a passport – who can blame the Garrison guerrillas for
    fantasizing? Something stinks about the whole affair.”
  • Noam Chomsky aka Chumpsky on the JFK assassination
  • Chomsky believes strongly that Kennedy would have continued the same policies as Johnson
  • “There is a significant question about the JFK assassination: was it a high-level plot with policy implications?
    That’s quite important, and very much worth investigating. I’ve written about it extensively, reviewing all of the
    relevant documentation. The conclusion is clear, unusually clear for a historical event: no. That leaves the question
    open as to [who] killed him: Oswald, Mafia, Cubans, jealous husbands? Personally, that question doesn’t interest me any
    more than the latest killing in the black ghetto in Boston. But if others are interested, that’s not my business” – Chumpsky
  • Aaron Good’s podcast: American Exception
  • Peter Dale Scott worked with both Chumpsky and Howard Zinn on the Gravel edition of the Pentagon Papers
  • Scott wrote one of the very first essays on the reversal of US policy in Vietnam after Kennedy’s assassination
  • Chumpsky and Zinn refused to print the essay !!
  • US policy was reversed in Congo, Indonesia and Latin America following Kennedy’s assassination
  • FREE Borrowable EbookEconomists with Guns by Bradley R. Simpson
  • The New York Times published a long article by David Belin following the HSCA report
  • David Belin was an attorney for the Warren Commission and the Rockefeller Commission
  • Belin took out an anonymous ad in Variety magazine asking people not to vote for Oliver Stone’s JFK
  • Video: Robert Groden and the first public broadcast of the Zapruder Film on Geraldo Rivera’s show Good Night America
  • Sam Giancana and John Roselli were killed around the time of the Church Committee
  • James Angleton blamed the Church Committee for their killing
  • 35 articles by the The New York Times on Oliver Stone’s JFK
  • Foreign reviews of the movie were favorable
  • “The historical consensus seems to have settled on Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin”
    – The New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson
  • Dan Rather’s two versions as to where he was during the assassination
  • Video: Dan Rather lies about JFK’s head moving violently forward
  • Pro-WC books are five times more likely to be reviewed than anti-WC books
  • Anti-WC book has less than 10% chance of being reviewed positively
  • David Talbot’s book Brothers: Real History of the Kennedy YearsPaperbackKindleScribdAudiobook
  • Book: Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by Russ Baker: PaperbackKindleAudiobook
  • Bill O’Reilly on the JFK assassination
  • Charles Crenshaw sued George Lundberg (JAMA)
  • Geoffrey Ward’s blurb for Gerald Posner’s Case Closed
  • Ward is the co-writer of a number of books with Ken Burns
  • “In all these years there hasn’t been a single piece of credible evidence to prove a conspiracy” – Peter Jennings
  • “When you talk about the Kennedy assassination, you’re talking about America’s basic institutions. And the fact is,
    the U.S. corporate media – and I think it’s important to include that word when you talk about the media –
    sees its role as protecting American institutions, and that’s what this case is all about” – Jerry Policoff
  • Gamal Abdel Nasser’s relationship with Kennedy
  • Video: Nasser on The Muslim Brotherhood and Hijabs
  • Documentary: Operation Orchard: Israel’s Strike on the Syrian Reactor
  • Jim DeBrosse’s website: www.jimdebrosse.com


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