#1083 – Tim Smith


  • Tim Smith’s upcoming book on the JFK case
  • The working title of the book is Hidden in Plain Sight
  • The book is about the testimony of the 52 witnesses who appeared before the HSCA
  • Louie Steven Witt aka The Umbrella Man
  • The Dark-Complected Man next to the The Umbrella Mansee pic here
  • The odd and usual behaviour of these two guys
  • The Umbrella Man pumps his umbrella up and down the moment Kennedy was shot
  • Was this a signal to someone?
  • Witt’s testimony to the HSCA: Read onlineDownload PDF
  • Witt’s reason for carrying the umbrella that day to Dealey Plaza
  • Witt claimed that he did not know that Kennedy had been shot until he got back to his office
  • He was looking directly into the limousine from a few feet away
  • Witt was coached the night before he testified
  • The dark-complected man carried a walkie-talkie?
  • Video: Who Was the Umbrella Man? (The New York Times, Errol Morris)
  • “We never would have let a man open an umbrella along the way (of the motorcade)” – Mr. X in JFK
  • Video: Jim Garrison meets Mr. X (Oliver Stone’s JFK)
  • Documentary: JFK Unsolved based on Josiah Thompson’s book
  • Book: Hear No Evil by Donald Thomas: KindleAudiobook
  • Zapruder film frame 327
  • Neutron activation analysis is junk science
  • FREE Borrowable EbookThe Last Investigation by Gaeton Fonzi
  • “I think if the Guinness Book of World Records had a category for people who were at the wrong place at the
    wrong time, doing the wrong thing, I would be No. 1 in that position, without even a close runner-up” – Witt


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