#1190 – Barbara Shearer, Jim DiEugenio



#1189 – Col. Fletcher Prouty


  • From the 1989 interview with Dave Ratcliffe
  • The National Security Act of 1947
  • The Creation of the National Security Council
  • The Dulles-Jackson-Correa Report
  • Opening the Door to CIA Clandestine Operations: Shifting NSC Oversight from Directing to Approving Plans
  • The Function of the Director of Central Intelligence: Coordinating Intelligence of the Government Intelligence Community
  • Clandestine Operations: Out of Control If Not Directed by the National Security Council
  • Four Categories of Military Personnel Employed by CIA
  • Final Chapter in the History of War Making: Going From Offense to Defense
  • The Threat of Nuclear Weapons: Making War Planning Obsolete
  • Creating a Manichaean Devil to Justify Spending $6 Trillion for a Cold War
  • Secret Team Foundations:Creation of the CIA Focal Point System Throughout The Government
  • The Power of Indirection – Military Units Financed and Controlled by the CIA
  • Secret Team Growth: Focal Point Personnel Assuming Broader Roles
  • Obtaining Everything Money Can Buy:The CIA Act of 1949 and
    Secretary of Defense Johnson’s paper on Covert Operations
  • Employing the System of Reimbursement To Fund Unaccountable Activities
  • Post WWII War Plans–CIA Begins Amassing Its Own Stockpile of Military Equipment
  • From the Chairman of the JCS On Down: “where the CIA was concerned
    there were a lot of things no one seemed to know”
  • The Importance of the CIA’s Deputy Director of Support (DD/S) Side of the Agency by the Time of the Bay Of Pigs
  • Congressional Non-Oversight of Agency Funding and Executive Branch Responsibility for CIA
  • The Significance of the Sense of Infallibility Leaders of the Agency Felt Imbued With
  • The ST Running A Government Of Reaction:Develop and Control
  • All Secret Intelligence,And Brief The President On It Every Day
  • Allen Dulles: Forging a Government of Reaction
  • Dispersion of the OSO, Creation of the Office of SACSA
  • DOD Adoption of a Counterinsurgency Role in the late Eisenhower Years
  • NSAM 55 – JFK’s Attempt to Get CIA out of Clandestine Operations
  • Chairman of the JCS: Exit Lyman Lemnitzer, Enter Maxwell Taylor
  • Bay of Pigs Post-Mortem and the Dynamics of Personality: Allen Dulles, Maxwell Taylor, & RFK
  • Bay of Pigs Report: Taylor’s Letter to the President & the Origin of NSAM 55-57
  • Understanding the Military Assistance Program (MAP)
  • The Little Red Book‘s Influence on General Stilwell and Lansdale
  • MAP as a Sensor to React To
  • MAP’s Ultimate Manifestation: Iran
  • The Secret Team: Far Beyond the Capability of the CIA
  • An Impossible Contradiction: Covert Operations Must Be Deniable


#1188 – Johnny Cairns


  • Articles: Our Lady of the Warren Commission by Johnny Cairns: Part 1Part 2
  • How Johnny came about writing this two-part article
  • “I frankly don’t like to talk to the people who think it was a conspiracy…” – Ruth Paine
  • In the JFK case, Marina Oswald’s credibility is non-existent
  • Ruth Paine’s relationship with Priscilla Johnson McMillan
  • “In this week’s episode, WC supporters are gonna feel the pain. That’s right. Ruth and Michael Paine”
  • Watch episode 19 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years here
  • “In this episode, we investigate the gift that keeps on giving; namely the Paines’ garage”
  • Watch episode 31 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years here
  • Watch all 50 episodes of 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • Why would Oswald try to kill a right-wing general like Walker
    and then kill the most liberal president after FDR?
  • “I forgot what I was supposed to say” – Marina Oswald
  • Book: The JFK Assassination Chokeholds: That Prove There Was a Conspiracy
    by Jim DiEugenio, Paul Bleau, Matt Crumpton, Andrew Iler, Mark Adamcyzk: PaperbackKindle
  • If Oswald was guilty in the Walker shooting,
    why would Oswald keep the photos and the note around for almost eight months?
  • FREE Download EbookAccessories After the Fact by Sylvia Meagher (PDF)
  • Video: “I’m just a patsy” – Oswald
  • “The worst form of injustice is pretended justice” – Plato
  • Become a member of www.dealeyplazauk.com


#1187 – Jim DiEugenio



#1186 – Jeff Carter, John Armstrong


  • Watch all 50 episodes of 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • Jeff worked with Len to produce the series 50 Reasons for 50 Years
  • Article: Prouty on Vietnam: NSAM 263 and 273: 60 years on by Jeff Carter
  • How Jeff became interested in researching the JFK case
  • All articles by Jeff Carter at Kennedys and King
  • Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961–1963, Volume IV, Vietnam, August–December 1963
    Download this Ebook in EPUB or MOBI format
  • National Security Action Memorandum 263
  • LBJ reversed NSAM 263 with NSAM 273 that he signed on Nov 26, 1963; just 4 days after JFK’s murder
  • Book: JFK and Vietnam (Second Edition 2017) by John Newman: PaperbackKindle
  • Kennedy could not have been allowed to win in 1964
  • Video: Edward Lansdale in Dealey Plaza, Dallas on 22 Nov, 1963 comfirmed by Col. Prouty & Gen. Victor Krulak
  • Krulak Letter Re: Dealey Plaza Photos And Lansdale Identity
  • Photos of Edward Lansdale (and others in Dealey Plaza)
  • Part B: John Armstrong; beginning at 56:08
  • Book: Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf) by John Armstrong
  • John’s website: www.harveyandlee.net
  • The website contains the latest updates to John’s JFK assassination research
  • How could Oswald be in two different places at the same time?
  • Articles: The Pre-Arranged Murder of J.D. Tippit by John Armstrong: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5
  • Article: Dallas Police Transcripts by John Armstrong
  • Dallas PD collected 225 items of evidence on Oswald and handed it over to the FBI
  • The FBI returned 455 items of evidence of on Oswald back to the Dallas PD
  • How can 225 items turn into 455 items?
  • At what exact time did the Tippit assassination occur?
  • Commission Exhibits 705 and 1974
  • The changing of the timing of the Tippit shooting to 1:16pm
    allowed Oswald just enough time for him to have allegedly shot Tippit
  • Tippit was declared dead at the Methodist Hospital at 1:15pm
  • Quit reading books and instead read documents
  • Capt. Fritz never asked Oswald even a single question about the Tippit murder


#1185 – Monika Weisak, Jim DiEugenio



#1184 – Rob Reiner, Ray McGinnis



#1183 – Dave Ratcliffe, Col. Prouty


  • Col. Prouty’s 107th birth anniversary on 24 January
  • Dave recalls how he met with Col. L. Fletcher Prouty through John Judge
  • Dave’s website: www.ratical.org
  • FREE Online EbookThe Secret Team by Col. L. Fletcher Prouty (1973)
  • FREE Online Ebook: (html version) Understanding Special Operations, And Their Impact on Vietnam War Era
    1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty, Colonel USAF (Retired) by David Ratcliffe (1999)
  • How the secret team infiltrated various US govt agencies
  • Downloadable Video: Why Col. Prouty never had to sign a CIA oath of secrecy clearance
  • The Collected Works of Col. Prouty CD-ROM available for direct download here for just $30
  • Part B: Col. Fletcher Prouty with Sean Mackenzie; beginning at 45:30
  • The following is from a 1992 interview at the National Press Club
  • CIA involvement in the deaths of RFK and Martin Luther King?
  • Nobody could answer those questions honestly
  • The significant involvement is the suppression of normal court procedures
  • The power that can keep the State of Texas from carrying out the law
  • Wagoner Carr, J. Edgar Hoover, the Warren Commission
  • Fletcher travelled to another country to talk with a person
  • This person was eight or 10 inches behind Bobby Kennedy
  • A gun went off in this person’s right ear
  • Castro, Khrushchev, the Mafia, they don’t control Texas
  • Is the Rockefeller organization really the black hats?
  • Old John D., sent scientists to Geneva, oil was organic matter
  • (Congrès de nomenclature Chimique de Genève, 1892)
  • (Geneva Nomenclature Congress of 1892)
  • This sort of proved that oil was in short supply, with intrinsic value
  • The breakdown of Standard Oil (May 15, 1911) was paper work
  • The amount of money they control, they’re gonna have a say
  • Beef cattle, dairy, the Rockefellers have the American Breeders Service
  • Milk production, 10,000 quarts, up to 40,000
  • Oil did not come from the decomposition of formerly living matter
  • An ingredient of the Earth just like, rock or water
  • Rockefeller money moved in to Japan to rebuild the economy
  • The Rockefellers pull strings, make plans, control things
  • Why come forward with this confirmation?
  • High Treason: (Livingstone / Groden / Prouty 1989)
    The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy : What Really Happened
  • A discussion with Livingston about Kennedy’s Vietnam commitment of 16,000
  • NSAM 263 was to build down, NSAM 273 was to build up
  • Fletcher’s candor versus others who have kept their mouth shut
  • If one doesn’t choose to write about what he did …
  • A lot of what Fletcher did was to correct things he read
  • The Secret Team and the Games They Play, The Washington Monthly (05/1970)
  • The Secret Team: (Prouty 1973)
    The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
  • Fletcher considered the book an autobiography
  • Philip Agee probably went to Switzerland with a ticket bought by CIA
  • Ellsberg, Les Gelb, the Pentagon Papers, pro-Agency
  • The CIA and Decision-Making (Cooper 01/1972), pure propaganda
  • Laurence Oliphant (1829-1888), Turkey, British Society of Psychical Research
  • Fletcher taught at Yale, Skull and Bones, George HW Bush, Bill Buckley
  • ONI is itself, not Navy really, the most powerful intelligence organization
  • OSS was under the JCS, not Intelligence, operational
  • Truman felt Intelligence was not coordinated, he abolished OSS
  • They preserved OPC, agents you just can’t cut off, under Frank Wisner
  • 1947 National Security ActDepartment of DefenseNational Security Council
  • CIA, the only operational word – coordination, not collection
  • Walter Bedell Smith, Moscow Ambassador, made head of CIA
  • The Dulles–Jackson–Correa Report, January 1, 1949
  • The brothers Dulles and the World Council of Churches
  • The brothers Dulles and Sullivan and Cromwell
  • Enormous business contacts in pre-war Germany
  • In 1944, Fletcher flew to Syria to pick up 750 Allied prisoners of war
  • There were German and Romanian Nazis with them, escorted by Frank Wisner
  • That was the first act of the Cold War, against our Russian ally
  • Iron Curtain, Count Lutz Schwerin von Krosigk speech (05/03/45)
  • Winston Churchill “The Sinews of Peace” speech, Fulton, Missouri (03/05/46)
  • Most writers write truth, it’s the machine that won’t take the truth
  • Smith, Wisner, Dulles, ignored the law, made CIA into an operational organization
  • Fletcher spent 10 interesting years in the banking business
  • American Bankers Association’s Committee on Automation Planning and Technology
  • Banks hold a leadership role in American society and this world
  • NSC knows you made that call and who you called
  • A word they don’t understand – illegal
  • NSA listens, they don’t ‘know’, they record, they sort it out later by desire
  • The Stanford Research Institute (SRI), ran the Energy Crisis
  • Center for Strategic and International Studies, the propaganda work
  • Fletcher does not find MJ-12 (Majestic 12) credible, the material doesn’t stand up
  • Report from Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace (Lewin 1967)
  • It’s a novel, he made it up, well that’s what he says
  • The statements he has in it, I heard in the Pentagon almost daily
  • The substance is true, he didn’t want to have to explain who was involved
  • Leonard Lewin on his book, New York Times Book Review, March 19, 1972
  • Operation Zapata: (Aguilar 1981)
    The “Ultrasensitive” Report and Testimony of the Board of Inquiry on the Bay of Pigs
  • A report written by General Maxwell Taylor to President Kennedy
  • The Cuba Study Group met down the hall from my office
  • The Iron Mountain subject matter is incomparable
  • If you have a way of getting rid of people, you at least have got to preserve the 144,000
  • Part : Col. Fletcher Prouty with Sean Mackenzie; beginning at 1:45:00
  • Discusses the law firm that hired him to review L Ron Hubbard military records
  • Part D: Malcomn Blunt beginning at 1:52:36
  • Imagine 2 people assigned from Pentagon to help the ARRB
  • Just like George Joaninndies assigned to help the HSCA
  • Watch Video Here


#1182 – Col. Fletcher Prouty


  • The censorship exercised by the newspaper editors
  • The advantages of hemp
  • Tungsten mining in Vietnam
  • The garden of eden in the world was Southeast Asia
  • Saigon was called the Paris of the Orient
  • It was mindless to destroy a beautiful place like Vietnam
  • Most likely one of the reasons for the Vietnam war was to get American businesses to replace the French
  • Is petroleum a fossil fuel?
  • Generally, no fossils are found below 16,000 feet
  • The oil depletion allowance
  • Video: President Kennedy calls out the steel companies (1962)
  • “It has long been a Kennedy tradition: not to get mad but to get even. I fully realize that
    I shall not be able to get even during my first term in office. But during my second term,
    you are going to see some important changes” – President Kennedy
  • Why was Governor Connally in the same car as the President?
  • Lansdale and Col. Prouty knew each other since 1952
  • Lansdale was sent to the Philippines in 1952 to overthrow President Elpidio Quirino
  • And replace him with the new President Ramon Magsaysay
  • Col. Napoleon Valeriano trained Cuban exiles before the bay of pigs invasion
  • Valeriano became an American citizen
  • A million Vietnamese migrated from the North to the South before the war
  • The US Navy transported 660,000 Vietnamese from the North to the South
  • 330,000 were moved by CIA’s airline Civil Air Transport (CAT)
  • On September 2, 1953, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles said “In Indochina, a desperate
    struggle is in its eighth year….We are already contributing largely in matériel and money to the
    combined efforts of the French and of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.”
  • Chiang Kai-Shek’s presence at the Tehran conference
  • Article from Parade Magazine, Feb 1986:
    Why Stalin Never Forgave Eleanor Roosevelt by Elliott Roosevelt: Page 1Page 2
  • The cold war really began before the second world war ended
  • Our governments do not know how to operate without the threat of war
  • FREE Borrowable EbookReport from Iron Mountain by Leonard C. Lewin
  • New York Times Book Review: Report from Iron Mountain: The Guest Word by Leonard Lewin
  • The degradation of the infrastructure in the US


#1181 – Morris Wolff, Jim DiEugenio


  • Jim DiEugenio and Len Osanic interview Morris Wolff
  • Book: Lucky Conversations: Visits With the Most Prominent People of the 20th Century by Morris Wolff
  • Morris had the oppportunity to talk to JFK, RFK, Teddy Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson and others
  • Arlen Specter was the best man at Morris’s wedding
  • “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference” – Robert Frost
  • www.aiesec.org
  • Morris also met and spoke to Kwame Nkrumah and Patrice Lumumba
  • How Morris got to meet John Kennedy
  • Morris helped write the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • How Morris got in touch with Robert Kennedy
  • Morris’s encounters with John Sherman Cooper, Richard Russell and Lyndon Johnson
  • Book: JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass by Jim DiEugenio: HardcoverKindle
  • JFK Revisited: The Complete Collection Blu-Ray + DVD
  • Rent/buy JFK Revisited: Through the Looking GlassShowtimePrimeiTunesVuduMicrosoft
  • Rent/buy the documentary series JFK: Destiny BetrayedAmazon PrimeiTunesVudu
  • Morris’s conversation with Jackie Kennedy
  • Morris attended the I Have A Dream speech with John Lewis
  • When Morris met with Malcolm X
  • Book: The Bill of the Century: The Epic Battle for the Civil Rights Act by Clay Risen:
  • Book: Whatever Happened To Raoul Wallenberg by Morris Wolff: PaperbackKindle
  • Morris’s lawsuit against the Soviet Union
  • Morris also met with Eleanor Roosevelt and the former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan