#953a – Jack Myers


  • At Kennedys and King: Why Officer Tippit Stopped His Killer by Jack Myers
  • How Jack Myers got interested in the case
  • Mark Lane’s article published on Dec 19, 1963: Oswald Innocent? A Lawyer’s Brief
  • “The thing I am concerned about is having something issued so that we can convince the public
    that Oswald is the real assassin”
    – J. Edgar Hoover on the day Oswald was killed
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Best Evidence: Disguise and Deception in JFK Assassination by David Lifton
  • Officer Tippit’s wife received $667,000 in donation
  • David Bellin referred to the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit as “Rosetta Stone to the solution” of the JFK assassination
  • Plan A of the conspirators would not have included Ruby killing Oswlad
  • Book: Into the Nightmare by Joseph McBride: Paperback, Kindle
  • Discrepancies in the testimonies of various eyewitnesses
  • The witnesses heard more-or-less the same thing i.e. 4-5 shots in quick succession
  • Helen Markham testified that the man pulled out a pistol and shot Officer Tippit “in the wink of your eye”
  • “Eyewitness” Jack Ray Tatum came along 15 years later and testified to the HSCA that he saw Oswald shoot the cop
  • Tatum said that Oswald shot Tippit thrice and moments later shot him a fourth time
  • Other witnesses said that this couldn’t have happened as all 4 shots were in quick succession
  • “And I was within 10-15 feet of that individual and it was Lee Harvey Oswald” – Tatum
  • Video: Jack Tatum’s verison of events (as shown on PBS)
  • The shooter was likely never closer than 100 feet of Tatum’s alleged position
  • According to a study cited by the Innocence Project, after 25 feet face perception diminishes
  • At about 150 feet, accurate face identification for people with normal vision drops to zero
  • Tatum claims that he watched the incident through his rearview mirror
  • FREE DOWNLOAD EBOOK (PDF): Accessories After the Fact by Sylvia Meagher
  • Why did Officer Tippit stop his killer?
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Rush to Judgment (1966) by Mark Lane
  • Video: Rush to Judgment (documentary)
  • Roscoe White, Dallas police officer
  • Tippit stops James Andrews’s car and searches the back seat
  • A fight occured at 12th & Marsalis a few minutes before Tippit was killed
  • Book: The Radical Right and the Murder of John F. Kennedy by Harrison Livingstone
  • Livingstone reports that the fight was actually at 10th & Marsalis
  • The Dallas Police report and eyewitnesses reported that Tippit’s killer was walking west
  • John Armstrong’s book Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf)
  • Tippit was frequently seen in Oak Cliff
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: Crossfire: The Plot that Killed Kennedy by Jim Marrs
  • Warren Reynolds
  • “I wanted to live” – Warren Reynolds
  • None of the witnesses saw a wallet on the ground next to Tippit’s body
  • Video: Various press appearances of Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Helen Markham’s testimony to the Warren Commission
  • Four shells and four bullets were recovered from the site of the Tippit shooting
  • The bullets did not match the shells
  • Article: The Tippit Case in the New Millennium by Jim DiEugenio
  • Jim DiEugenio’s presentation (audio): The Tippit Case in the New Millennium


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