#953b – Dr. Cyril Wecht

  • Dr. Cyril H. Wecht is the Chairman of Citizens Against Political Assassinations (CAPA)
  • JFK – Dr. Michael Baden called in for Jeff Epstein autopsy?
  • Dr. Baden was the chief forensic pathologist for the HSCA
  • Article: Dr. Michael Baden’s deceptions by Milicent Cranor
  • Epstein’s suicide watch was removed
  • He’s placed in a cell with an inmate who’s charged with four brutal murders
  • Epstein’s injuries as a result of suicide attempt or assault?
  • Cameras weren’t working in and around the jail cell
  • Only the conclusions of the Medical Examiner (ME) as to the cause and manner of death have been released
  • The autopsy report hasn’t been released yet
  • Why was the ME’s office in a hurry to issue the final report?
  • The ME did not attend or perform the autopsy
  • Epstein would NOT have sustained multiple fractures in the hyoid bone if he was leaning into the bedsheet
  • CAPA’s conference on 22nd and 23rd November (2019) titled ‘CAPA November in Dallas’
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