#975b – Jim DiEugenio


  • At Kennedys and King
  • Article: Destitute Cuban Studies Institute on the JFK Assassination by Arnaldo M. Fernandez
  • Article: Public Relations and the JFK Case Mike Kilroy
  • Article: Forensics Journal Unintentionally Proves Conspiracy in Cover-Up of JFK Assassination by Milicent Cranor
  • “No material question now remains unresolved so far as the death of President Kennedy is concerned. True there is
    no confession. But the evidence of Oswald’s single-handed guilt is overwhelming”
     – From the introduction to the
    1964 Warren Commission Report, The New York Times Edition: see here (second last paragraph)
  • Article: A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds by Vincent Salandria (1965)
  • Article: Vince Foster, JFK and the Rise of Chris Ruddy by Jim DiEugenio
  • Chris Ruddy, the founder and CEO of Newsmax
  • Ruddy propagated one of the wildest conspiracy theories of recent decades that Vince Foster was murdered by
    sinister forces employed by Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • Vince Foster was an attorney from Arkansas who worked with Hillary Clinton
  • The Reagan administration managed to strike down the Fairness Doctrine and the Equal Time provisions of FCC law
  • Prior to 1960, the two leaders of Republican Party had been Senator Robert Taft and President Dwight Eisenhower
  • Taft was a non-interventionist in foreign policy
  • He opposed American involvement in World War II prior to Pearl Harbor
  • He also opposed the Nuremburg Trials and the formation of NATO
  • How the Republican party was pulled to the far right by Reagan and William Buckley
  • Checkbook journalism
  • FREE Borrowable Ebook: The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk by Susan McDougal
  • Henry Lee, criminalist, on the Kennedy autopsy
  • Henry Lee interviewed for the upcoming documentary series JFK: Destiny Betrayed
  • Oswald’s palmprint was not found on the external part of the rifle but rather on the metal part of the barrel
  • FREE Borrowable Ebook: Reasonable Doubt by Henry Hurt
  • FBI stopped Mark Lane from publishing Rush to Judgment in the USA and thus it was published in England
  • Documentary: Rush to Judgement (1967) by Mark Lane
  • FREE Borrowable Ebook: Rush to Judgment (1966) by Mark Lane
  • There is no equivalence between the Vince Foster case and the JFK case
  • FREE Borrowable Ebook: Blood Sport by James Stewart
  • FREE Borrowable Ebook: The Hunting of the President by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons
  • Listener questions answered
  • Two trashy books: Mob Lawyer by Frank Ragano and Double Cross by Chuck Giancana
  • Double Cross was released in 1992 to capitalize on Oliver Stone’s JFK
  • Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. was nominated by three Presidents to serve on six different commissions
    over a period of more than 20 years
  • Joe Kennedy’s alleged bootlegging with the mob
  • The alleged bootlegging was first reported in Oct 1960 in a newspaper report
  • This was during the late stages of the very close race between JFK and Nixon
  • The mafia wanted a way to reek revenge for what Bobby Kennedy had done against the mafia
  • Book: Just Good Politics by Raymond Chafin: PaperbackHardcover
  • The mob did not win West Virginia for JFK
  • And they did not have any effect in Chicago