#1047 – April Oliver


  • April Oliver – Producer of “Valley Of Death”
  • Original show #5 May 25th/2000
  • The story of “Operation Tailwind” first aired on CNN.
  • Fired along with Jack Smith by CNN caved to pressure of boycott from the military.
  • Despite months of research, on-camera interviews, depositions to buttress their investigative reporting…
  • CNN Settles Lawsuit With Operation Tailwind Producer

    Part Two – In this rare interview April and Jack detail their well researched report on US. Military gassing deserters in Vietnam with Sarin gas. Then CNN caved in to pressure, called the story false, put a gag order on them both, and fired the reporters.

    The gutless cave in of CNN was almost as bad as the reporter who tries to get them to stop the story. April and Jack sued for wrongful dismissal on the threat that they would make public their research. with a gag order in place the story may be forgotten unless… we study just what they had discovered, that the US government sent assassination squads to gas American military deserters in Vietnam.

    Hear April reveal that after the show aired, servicemen called in to reveal other similar missions. These leads were followed and interviews were video taped but CNN will never air them. Don’t let this story disappear as CNN would have it forgotten.


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