#963 – John Armstrong, Jim Hargrove


  • John Armstrong’s book Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf)
  • The English-speaking Lee Oswald and the Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald
  • New article: Lee and Harvey in Three Consecutive School Semesters
  • For the fall semester of 1953, Lee Oswald attended Public School 44 in New York City
  • At the very same time, Harvey Oswald attended Beauregard Junior High School in New Orleans
  • The following semester, spring 1954, both Lee and Harvey attended Beauregard
  • In the fall semester of 1954, Lee continued attending Beauregard in New Orleans
  • Harvey moved to Fort Worth where began attending Stripling Junior High School in the fall semester of 1954
  • How and why could the often financially destitute Marguerite Oswald afford a housekeeper in NYC?
  • Oswald’s cumulative school records at Beauregard: Read OnlineDownload PDF
  • Commission Exhibit No. 1384Read onlineDownload PDF
  • During the Spring semester of 1954, Harvey was in Myra DaRouse’s homeroom at Beauregard
  • Video: Interview of Myra DaRouse
  • Myra described young Harvey as “a little fellow, scrawny, skinny, and quiet”
  • “He came to the middle of my chest-about 4 ft 6 inches tall” – Myra DaRouse
  • “I think she’s…..a beautiful woman…..but when you saw her on television since this thing happened,
    she really looked awful; nothing at all like she used to look…..You wouldn’t have recognized her if
    they hadn’t told you who she was; she looked that different”
     – Julian Evans’ testimony to the WC
  • Julian Evans’ testimony: Read onlineDownload PDF (page 8 of the PDF, page 73 overall)
  • In the fall semester of 1954, Harvey Oswald attended Stripling Junior High School
  • He lived directly across the street from Stripling JHS at 2220 Thomas Place; see Google Maps here
  • Marguerite Oswald impostor stored clothes and furniture at 2220 Thomas Place when she lived in Benbrook, TX
  • Was 2220 Thomas Place a CIA safe house?
  • Former Stripling student Francetta Schubert was in the eight grade when Harvey was in ninth
  • Every day she watched Harvey Oswald walk across the street to 2220 Thomas Place for lunch
  • Video: Interview of Francetta Schubert
  • In 1955, Harvey Oswald returns to New Orleans and works full time at Dolly Shoe
  • Video: Interview of Louis Marzialle
  • Robert Oswald, LHO’s brother, in an interview in 1959 said that his brother attended Stripling JHS; read here
  • Robert Oswald again told a Forth Worth newspaper that his brother attended Stripling JHS: read here
  • Videos: Interview of Frank Kudlaty, Assistant Principal, Stripling JHSPart 1Part 2Part 3
  • Harvey Oswald’s junior high school records from Stripling were confiscated within 20 hours of the assassination
  • This clearly show that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover knew those Stripling records could expose the two Oswalds
  • Robert Oswald testified before the WC that his brother attended Stripling; Read onlineDownload PDF (page 299)
  • Nov 2017, Fort Worth Star-Telegram article indicated that Oswald’s
    “teachers and classmates remembered him at Stripling, though there is no official record.”
  • FREE BORROWABLE EBOOKLee: A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald by His Brother by Robert Oswald
  • Ed Voebel was Harvey’s best friend in Beauregard
  • Harvey’s fight with Johnny Neumeyer
  • Article: Magic Tooth, Vanishing Scars
  • Life Magazine, Feb 21, 1964 issue (classroom photo at page 70)
  • (Lee) Oswald’s classroom photograph shows that he had lost his front tooth; see photo here
  • Ed Voebel knew both Harvey and Lee Oswald
  • Apparently it wasn’t good for one’s health to know both Harvee and Lee Oswald
  • Marina Oswald dated Robert Webster
  • Oswald’s show suicide following which he was taken to the Botkinskaya Hospital
  • Oswald was questioned by the medical staff in Russian
  • One of the Soviet doctors sensed that Oswald clearly understood what was being conveyed to him in Russian
  • The doctor wrote “The patient apparently understands the questions asked in Russian.
    Sometimes he answers correctly, but immediately states that he does not understand what he was asked”
  • For more, read this article by James Norwood: Oswald’s Proficiency in the Russian Language
  • George de Mohrenschildt said that Harvey Oswald preferred speaking Russian to English
  • He also said that Oswald knew Russian well enough to discuss “classical Russian literature”
  • For more, read John Armstrong’s articles Harvey and Lee: The Case for Two Oswalds (Parts 1 and 2)
  • These articles can be found in: The Assassinations by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease: PaperbackKindle
  • Or order the entire collection of Probe magazine here for just $35
  • Palmer McBride said Oswald worked at the Pfisterer Dental Lab in New Orleans in 1957-58
  • McBride wasn’t allowed to testify: not to the WC, not to the HSCA, not to the Church Committee, not to the ARRB
  • Palmer McBride’s interview by FBI: Read onlineDownload PDF
  • Article: Wes Wise by John Armstrong; listen to BOR 913a
  • John Armstrong discusses Harvey and Lee in an epic 7-hour interview. Download here for just $10
  • 29th Oct marked the first death anniversary of Christopher LaMay


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