#947b – Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Part 2


  • On Okinawa: The Surrender of Japan, and a 500,000 manpack Re-Routed to Korea and Indochina 1946-1948: Inaugurating the Air Force’s ROTC Program at Yale
  • 1949-1950: Writing the First USAF ROTC text book on
  • Aeronautics and a Major Portion of Rockets and Guided Missiles
  • 1950-1951: A New Air Defense Command
  • 1952-1954: Managing Tokyo International Airport
  • And Heavy-Transport Flying
  • 1955: Attending the Armed Forces Staff College
  • 1955: Assignment to New Position of “Focal Point” Officer
  • for Air Force Support of U.S. Government Clandestine Operations
  • Coordination of the CIA: How Covert Operations Are Run
  • The Suez Crisis of 1956
  • The CIA in Europe
  • Nuclear Warfare: the CIA becomes a Fourth Force
  • Cuba, 1959-1960: From Over-The-Beach Work to Invasion


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