#946b – John Amrstrong


  • John Armstrong’s website: www.harveyandlee.net
  • New article: Dial Ryder, the Oswald Repair Tag, and Two Rifles
  • Dial Ryder worked at the Irving Sports Shop (Irving, TX) as a gunsmith
  • For the first week, the FBI maintained that Oswald bought a rifle for $12.78 without the scope
  • The rifle recovered from the sixth floor of the book depository had a scope
  • Commission Exhibits CE 133-A and 133-B (backyard photos)
  • CE 133-A is the photograph on the cover of the time magazine (Feb 21, 1964)
  • CE 133-B has a negative; CE 133-A does not have a negative
  • A scope can be seen in the life magazine cover photo but not in CE 133-A
  • Robert and Patricia Hester said that they saw the backyard photos on the Friday night in the hands of FBI
  • But the photos were “found” on Saturday afternoon (Nov 23rd) in Ruth Paine’s garage
  • Oswald said that it was his face was superimposed on somebody else’s body
  • This person, on whose body Oswald’s face was superimposed, was most likely Roscoe White, Dallas PD
  • White began working for the Dallas PD on Oct 7, 1963 ie just 6 weeks before the assassination
  • Roscoe White was in the Marine Corps in Japan
  • Captain Fritz’s report shows that he knew about the photos several hours before the photos were officially found
  • Dallas Police recovered two negatives from Ruth Paine’s home according to Detective Gus Rose
  • But the Warren Commission (WC) and the HSCA only found one negative
  • Oswald’s head is photographically identical in two separate photos
  • Captain Fritz and Commission attorney Joseph Ball conspired to hide the truth
  • The timing of events is the key to understand the Kennedy assassination
  • It easier to understand the story when it’s arranged chronologically
  • In the weeks following the assassination an enhanced version of 133-A appeared
  • This photo was NOT found by the Dallas Police and to this day the origin and source remains unknown
  • Life Magazine allegedly obtained a copy of 133-A (enhanced) from FBI agent James Martin
  • FBI Agent Martin should have been asked who gave him this photo


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