#1135 – Gerry Simone, Chad Nagle

  How Gerry Simone got interested in the JFK case Article: A Narrative is Debunked by Gerry Simone Gerry was inspired by the late Toronto researcher Tony Centa John Mcadams – Laughing stock of the Internet? FREE Borrowable Ebook: Best Evidence by David Lifton In his article, Gerry debunks an article published on The Conversation website by Gonzalo Soltero Soltero says […]

#1134 – Jim DiEugenio, James Johnston

  At Kennedys and King ACTION ALERT: PLEASE ACT ON THIS TODAY! This is an opportunity to free Sirhan Write to the Parole Board supporting Sirhan’s parole Address: State of California, Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Board of Parole, P. O. Box 4036, Sacramento CA 95812-4936 Article: JFK Medical Betrayal: Where The Evidence Lies by Russell […]

#1132 – Russell Kent

  Book: JFK Medical Betrayal: Where The Evidence Lies by Russell Kent: Kindle Jim DiEugenio reviews Russell Kent’s book JFK Medical Betrayal How Russell got interested in the JFK case www.dealeyplazauk.com Article: How Five Investigations into JFK’s Medical/Autopsy Evidence Got it Wrong by Dr. Aguilar Russell Fisher of the Clark panel Dr. Pierre Finck was very inexperienced Finck became a board-certified […]

#1131 – Paul Abbott, Jim DiEugenio

  Paul Abbott is a researcher from Perth, Australia How Paul got interested in the JFK case Nothing seems right about the official narrative FREE Borrowable Ebook: On the Trail of the Assassins by Jim Garrison Jim Garrison’s office was bugged by the federal government Paul is now preparing an index for the Jim Garrison papers Garrison […]

#1130 – Ray McGinnis, Jim DiEugenio

  Ray McGinnis is an author and investigative reporter Book: Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored by Ray McGinnis: Paperback, Kindle Article: Justin Trudeau and the Politics of the Possible: The Emergencies Act Inquiry in Canada and the Triumph of Propaganda by Ray McGinnis How the media covered the early days of the […]

#1129 – Jefferson Morley

  The release of the last batch of JFK files Jeff’s website: www.jfkfacts.org Substack page: jfkfacts.substack.com Arthur Schlesinger’s memo to President Kennedy, “CIA Reorganization,” June 30, 1961 The President is not enforcing the law regarding the declassification of JFK files Mary Ferrell Foundation Files Lawsuit Over JFK Records Read the actual complaint here (PDF) CIA’s interest in Oswald while […]

#1128 – Jeff Meek / Jim DiEugenio

  Jeffrey L. Meek is a JFK researcher and author Previously interviewed on Black Op Radio episode 1099 (2022) Book: A Lone Gunman? by Jeff Meek: Paperback Book: Manipulation of Lee Harvey Oswald: And the Cover-Up That Followed by Jeff Meek: Paperback How Jeff got interested in the JFK case Video: Robert Groden and the first public broadcast of the Zapruder Film on […]

#1127 – Monika Wiesak

  Book: America’s Last President: What the World Lost When It Lost John F. Kennedy by Monika Wiesak Get the book here: Paperback, Kindle, Audiobook, Scribd, Barnes & Noble June 11 1963, JFK’s landmark Civil Rights Speech: Video, Text How Monika got interested in the JFK presidency Understanding the root causes vs. supressing the symptoms The world JFK envisioned vs. the world we ended […]

#1126 – Pat Valentino

  Pat Valentino was a close friend of David Lifton for over 50 years Pat details his time with David Lifton researching for “Best Evidence” Pat will release audio and video of Lifton’s research here in spring 2023 FREE Borrowable Ebook: Rush to Judgement (1967) by Mark Lane Documentary: Rush to Judgement (1967) by Mark Lane FREE Download Ebook: Six […]