#969b – Bill Kelly

  Bill Kelly’s blogs: www.jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com And www.jfkcountercoup2.blogspot.com Founding member of COPA and a Board Member of CAPA Details about the CAPA November in Dallas conference The mock Texas Court of Inquiry Dick Russell’s speech from the Grassy Knoll, Nov 22, 1963 Video: Oliver Stone Testifies Before Congress on Government Records (1992) Oliver Stone at Judyth Baker’s conference All roads from Dallas lead […]

#968b – Richard Otto

  Author of The Paradox of our National Security Complex: Paperback, Kindle And the new book Rethinking America: Paperback, Kindle FREE Borrowable Ebook: House of War: The Pentagon & Disastrous Rise of American Power by James Carroll Why MSM shies away from topics like Military Industrial Complex Oliver Stone’s JFK inspired Richard Otto to learn more about the case The film raised some fundamental questions […]

#968a – Vince Palamara

  Author of four books Book: Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President Kennedy: Paperback, Kindle Book: JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination Compendium: Paperback, Kindle Book: The Not-So-Secret Service: Agency Tales from FDR to Kennedy Assassination to Reagan Era: Paperback, Kindle Book: Who’s Who in the Secret Service: History’s Most Renowned Agents: Paperback, Kindle Vince spoke at the 7th […]

#966b – S.T. Patrick

  garrison.: The Journay of History and Deep Politics by S.T. Patrick Featuring articles of various good researchers Buy garrison. journal Issue 001: Paperback, PDF (e-book) Buy garrison. journal Issue 002: Paperback, PDF (e-book) Buy garrison. journal Issue 003: Paperback, PDF (e-book) Help Produce Future Issues of the garrison. journal: donate here No advertizements in the garrison. journal FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: On the Trail of the Assassins by […]

#965d – John Judge – Part 3

  Iranian Hostage Rescue (04/24/1980) Told to take sand protecting shields off helicopter engines They wanted to embarrass and undermine Carter Kennedy understood they lied, he fired Dulles, Cabell, Bissell Thirteen Days (2000) film , The Kennedy Tapes: (May/Zelikow 2002) Missile Crisis, Kennedy was about the only level head in the room Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp had […]