#968a – Vince Palamara


  • Author of four books
  • Book: Survivor’s Guilt: The Secret Service and the Failure to Protect President KennedyPaperbackKindle
  • Book: JFK: From Parkland to Bethesda: The Ultimate Kennedy Assassination CompendiumPaperbackKindle
  • Book: The Not-So-Secret Service: Agency Tales from FDR to Kennedy Assassination to Reagan EraPaperbackKindle
  • Book: Who’s Who in the Secret Service: History’s Most Renowned AgentsPaperbackKindle
  • Vince spoke at the 7th Annual JFK Assassination Conference organized by TrineDay
  • Vince’s presentation was titled: What’s Your Theory? Here’s My Fact
  • Other speakers included: Dick Russell, Mal Hyman, Dr. Cyril Wecht
  • The event was recorded by Randy Benson and also by a Japanese TV crew for their upcoming documentary
  • People from all over the world paid their respects at the Grassy Knoll on Nov 22
  • There was no professional recording or broadcast of the motorcade in Dallas
  • Lack of protection in Dallas
  • No agents at the back of the Presidential limousine
  • Sam Kinney said that he was solely responsible for the removal of the protective bubble top
  • He also said that Kennedy had nothing to do with it
  • The building rooftops were guarded in previous motorcades
  • Col. Fletcher Prouty pointed out the lack of protection
  • The Florida motorcade, just four days prior to Dallas, was 28 miles long
  • Godfrey McHugh was asked by the Secret Service to not ride the Presidential limousine
  • Secret service protection protocols were not followed in Dallas
  • Had the secret service followed these protocols, Kennedy would have survived
  • Where does coincidence end and conspiracy begins?
  • Three Secret Service suspects: Floyd Boring, Emory Roberts and Bill Greer
  • Floyd Boring was involved in the planning of the Texas Trip
  • Boring was the number two agent of the Kennedy detail
  • The number one agent Gerald Behn took his first full vacation
  • Boring said that Kennedy never ordered agents off the back of the limousine
  • Clint Hill testified that it was Boring who ordered the agents not ride the back of the limousine
  • “The Secret Service was the only boss that the President of the United States had” – President Truman
  • The Secret Service can overrule even the President when it comes to his own security
  • “He can tell you what he wants done and he can tell you certain things but that doesn’t mean you have to do it.
    What we used to do was always agree with the President and then we’d do what we felt was best anyway.”

    – Clint Hill, Sixth Floor Oral History
  • The only agency which can give orders to the President – the secret service – may make much greater use of this
    perogative in the future
     – AP report, Nov 25, 1963: see here
  • Emory Roberts was the agent in-charge of the follow-up car in Dallas
  • Roberts called off the secret service agents running along side Kennedy’s limousine
  • Video: Secret Service agent Donald J. Lawton is perplexed on being ordered away from the Presidential limousine
  • Bill Greer was the driver of the limousine
  • When shooting began, Greer slowed down the car and looked back at Kennedy
  • Thus giving enough time for the shooters to kill Kennedy
  • Bill Greer’s wife worked at the NSA from 1958 to 1973
  • Emory Roberts became the Appointments Secretary under Lyndon Johnson
  • Nine Secret Service agents were drunk the previous night of the assassination
  • Alcohol consumption is grounds for removal from the Secret Service
  • None of the Secret Service agents were reprimanded
  • Clint Hill went on to become Chief of the White House detail and Assistant Director
  • Clint Hill’s girlfriend is Lisa McCubbin, the co-author of his books
  • Hill made millions off the assassination, his books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies
  • Gerald Blaine put the blame on Kennedy for not having agents at the back of the car
  • Secret Service Agent Thomas B. Shipman mysteriously died on Oct 14, 1963 at Camp David
  • Shipman was the would-be driver of the President’s limousine (instead of Bill Greer)
  • Clint Hill’s book Mrs. Kennedy and Me to be made into a major movie
  • Vince Palamara features in the documentary A Coup in Camelot
  • Documentary: A Coup in CamelotAmazon PrimeVimeo On Demand
  • Book: The Inheritance: Poisoned Fruit of JFK’s Assassination by Christopher & Michele Fulton: PaperbackKindle
  • Other speakers included Christopher Fulton, Robert Tanenbaum, Roger Craig Jr., Robert Gorden, Gary Shaw
  • Book: Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination by Mal Hyman: PaperbackKindle
  • Mal Hyman interviewed on Black Op Radio; listen to episode 939
  • Vince’s website: www.vincepalamara.com
  • Blog: www.vincepalamara.blogspot.com
  • Vince’s YouTube channelFacebook page and Twitter handle


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