#967 – Jerry Coley


  • Replay of BOR 297 (Season 7; 2006)
  • Coley recounts in detail his experiences in the Dealey Plaza area on the morning of November 22, 1963
  • Jack Ruby would join Jerry Coley and his colleague Don Campbell for coffee on Fridays
  • Coley met Ruby on the morning of Nov 22 around 8am
  • He then left for work and returned around 11am
  • He saw that Ruby was still there at Noonan’s desk
  • Coley and his friend Charlie Mulkey stepped out to see the Presidential motorcade
  • Around 12.15-12.20, a man had an epileptic fit
  • Within a few minutes, the motorcade arrived
  • After the gunshots were fired, Coley and Mulkey started down the esplanade
  • A policeman with a shotgun stopped the both of them and asked them to get the hell out of there
  • He discovered a pool of blood on the steps near the picket fence
  • After the shots, all people headed towards the grassy knoll area
  • No one was going towards the Book Depository at that time
  • Around quarter to one, Coley saw that Ruby was still at Noonan’s desk
  • Don Roberdeau’s map showing location of blood (see “liquid red pool”), View Map Here
  • Jim Hood, ad department photographer, and Coley then went back to the site of the pool of blood
  • By Monday morning, no blood stain could be found
  • Coley’s wife receives threatening calls
  • Two men who identify themselves as FBI agents visit Coley
  • And take away the negatives and the positives of the blood stain photo
  • This pool of blood would reveal a second shot that missed the limousine completely
  • The injury to James Tague being the first
  • Jim Hood dies in a mysterious air crash several years later
  • “I understand a London insurance firm has prepared an actuarial chart on the likelihood of 20 of the people involved
    in this case dying within three years of the assassination — and found the odds 30 trillion to one. But I’m sure
    NBC will shortly discover that one of my investigators bribed the computer.”
     – Jim Garrison, Playboy interview
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