#961 – Loren Singer


  • BOR Show #305, original airdate: January 1, 2007
  • Loren Singer (1923-2009) wrote the book The Parallax View (1970)
  • Loren worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS ) during WW II
  • He first had to pass a series of psychological tests
  • He read studies of Rorschach tests given to top Nazis at Nuremberg
  • Loren wrote for television and radio, this was his first book
  • The amount of influence totalitarian governments had on us
  • A relationship with German Intelligence officer Reinhard Gehlen
  • Loren didn’t like the film, the screenwriters couldn’t find the thread
  • The terrorism threat is sort of gauzy, Where? How?
  • Unite in order to survive, that’s what people will be told
  • Chapters start with quotes from a fictional handbook
  • The book is not a solution to the Kennedy assassinations
  • A list of JFK related deaths, originally Loren scoffed
  • The military men never became OSS assassins
  • General William Donovan, committed to the survival of Britain
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists, geographers,
    foreign language experts, engineers, weapons instructors
  • Does a government have the right and or the duty to
    eliminate numbers of it’s citizens to ensure it’s survival?
  • Skating around the edge right now with Guantanamo
  • Teams ready to do the bidding of corporate or government interests
  • The recruitment, the film’s powerful six minute segment
  • An OSS competition, three days of psychological testing
  • Nobody ever passed the final exam, never any finite answer
  • The people running Parallax were certain to have backups
  • Loren did not want to do the screenplay
  • The Manchurian Candidate (1962 film) was much better written
  • Parallax opens with it’s own “Zapruder” film
  • Six Seconds In Dallas (Thompson 1967), sued by Time, Inc.


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