#965d – John Judge – Part 3

  Iranian Hostage Rescue (04/24/1980) Told to take sand protecting shields off helicopter engines They wanted to embarrass and undermine Carter Kennedy understood they lied, he fired Dulles, Cabell, Bissell Thirteen Days (2000) film , The Kennedy Tapes: (May/Zelikow 2002) Missile Crisis, Kennedy was about the only level head in the room Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp had […]

#965c – John Judge – Part 2

  COPA helped get the JFK Act passed Final Report of the Assassination Records Review Board 10 Recommendations of the ARRB Board Final Report Some releases have been postponed until 2017 The Board was appointed the same day Case Closed was published Bill Davy (BOR #4) and Jim DiEugenio have worked with releases Bolsters Garrison’s conclusions, Shaw’s […]