#1009 – Jim DiEugenio

  At Kennedys and King Article: Creating the Oswald Legend – Part 4 by Vasilios Vazakas Article: Creating the Oswald Legend – Part 5 by Vasilios Vazakas Previous articles in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Betsy Wolf, HSCA researcher Wolf looked into why no 201 file was opened on Lee Harvey Oswald Counter Intelligence Special Investigations Group (CISIG) CISIG […]

#1008 – James Corbett

  James Corbett of the www.corbettreport.com Video: 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory by James Corbett Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth: www.ae911truth.org Download AE911Truth’s report on Building 7 here A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 Video: 9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money by Corbett Larry Silverstein leased the WTC towers just six weeks before the 9/11 attacks The right […]

#1007 – John Armstrong

  Part 3 of John Armstrong’s presentation For Part 1 listen to episode 1001b For Part 2 listen to episode 1005 John’s new article: Marine Corps and the Soviet Union Oswald’s famous classroom photograph In late 1958 HARVEY assumes LEE Oswald’s identity And the short, heavy-set Marguerite Oswald impostor assumes the identity of the tall, nice-looking […]

#1006 – Vincent Salandria Memorial

  Vincent Salandria passes away Salandria’s free online ebook: False Mystery Jim DiEugenio pays tribute to Vincent Salandria Nov 2, 1964 article The Warren Report: Analysis of Shots, Trajectories and Wounds: A Lawyer’s Dissenting View by Vincent Salandria: Read online, Original copy (PDF), 1992 Reprint (PDF) Article: A Philadelphia Lawyer Analyzes the Shots, Trajectories, and Wounds by Salandria (Jan 1965) Article: A Philadelphia […]

#1004 – Jim DiEugenio

  Actor Carl Reiner passed away in June Carl played the role of Saul Bloom in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen Kamala Harris as the Vice President of Joe Biden Article: Kamala Harris: A Study in Showboating by Jim DiEugenio: Part 1, Part 2 Lisa Pease’s book A Lie too Big to Fail: Hardcover, Kindle, Scribd Kennedys and King interview Len Osanic; read the interview […]

#1003 – Greg Poulgrain

  Author of the new book JFK vs. Allen Dulles: Battleground Indonesia Foreword by Oliver Stone and afterword by Jim DiEugenio Also the author of The Incubus of Intervention Download Chapter 2: JFK, Dulles and Hammarskjold (PDF) How Greg Poulgrain got interested in the case Indonesia and India were the most profitable colonies Indonesia was exploited for 100 years […]

#1001 – Jim DiEugenio / John Armstrong

  Jim DiEugenio, www.kennedysandking.com Jim DiEugenio congratulates Len Osanic on completing 1000 shows Kennedys and King interview Len Osanic; read the interview here Article: Trump and Kennedy? Is Politico for Real? by Jim Article: Gary Hill’s The Other Oswald: A Wilderness of Mirrors by Paul Bleau Paul Bleau reviews Gary Hill’s book The Other Oswald: Paperback, Kindle This book is about Robert Webster Webster defected […]