#1091 – Jim DiEugenio, Jeremy Kuzmarov Tom Gram

  At Kennedys and King Article: Walker, Oswald, and the Dog That Didn’t Bark by Benjamin Cole Video: Paul Bleau’s presentation at Dealey Plaza UK Paul Bleau’s upcoming articles about the Jim Garrison papers Researchers like Peter Dale Scott, Anthony Summers, Paul Hoch dumped on Garrison after he lost the Shaw trial Book: Let Justice Be Done by Bill Davy: Paperback, Kindle CNN’s […]

#1090 – Staffan Westerberg, Pete Engwall / Benjamin Cole

  Staffan Westerberg and Pete Engwall are from Sweden Staffan and Pete’s new article: The Mechanics of “Project Oswald” The excellent work of John Armstrong Oswald’s “defection” to the Soviet Union The three phases of the “Project Oswald” Why was Oswald mingling with the White Russian community? There is nothing more dangerous than talking about peace […]

#1089 – John Armstrong

  John Armstrong’s website: www.harveyandlee.net Article: The Pre-Arranged Murder of Oswald by John Armstrong and David Josephs How John got interested in this aspect of the case The chosen patsy was the Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald After President Kennedy was assassinated the conspirators knew that the “patsy” had to be eliminated Dallas Police headquarters was located in the third […]

#1088 – Igor Lopatonok, David Denton

  Mr. Igor Lopatonok is an Ukrainian-born producer and director Links to his documentaries (watch free online): Documentary: Ukraine on Fire (2016) (featuring Oliver Stone) Documentary: Revealing Ukraine (2019) (featuring Oliver Stone) Documentary: Ukraine: 30 Years of Independence – The Everlasting Present Documentary: Maidan Massacre YouTube and Vimeo censoring Igor and his documentaries Glenn Greenwald highly recommends Ukraine on Fire; check the […]

#1087 – Jim DiEugenio

  Stream/buy JFK: Destiny Betrayed: Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu Video: Oliver Stone & Abby Martin: Down the JFK Rabbit Hole YouTube requires users to sign-in to watch this above interview; check screenshot here YouTube disclaimer at the start of the interview; check screenshot here Ghosting or shadow banning by YouTube The Jimmy Dore Show YouTube channel Russell Brand YouTube channel Article: Anatomy of an Online […]

#1086 – Paul Bleau

  Col. Fletcher Prouty and the stand-down order Jim Garrison’s correspondence with Col. Prouty The Jim Garrison Papers Some serious researchers do not agree with Jim Garrison Garrison was not a lunatic Oswald was assigned at least one Cuban escort Another potential patsy Clay Shaw could be connected to Allen Dulles INCA = International Council […]

#1085 – Tyrel Ventura

  Tyrel Ventura is an actor, producer and director Son of Gov. Jesse Ventura Jesse and Tyrel Ventura with Len; see pic here TV Channel RT America permanently shuts down Video: RT America shut down (The Jimmy Dore Show) There are some very good shows on RT Tyrel Ventura’s show on RT titled Watching the Hawks Jesse and Tyrel on the Clubhouse app – […]

#1084 – Jim DiEugenio

  Video: Oliver Stone & Abby Martin: Down the JFK Rabbit Hole This is one of the best interviews of Oliver Stone on JFK Revisited At Kennedys and King Article: How the MSM Blew the JFK Case, Part One by Jim DiEugenio Article: How the MSM Blew the JFK Case, Part Two by Jim DiEugenio Article: James Kirchick and his JFK Assassination […]

#1083 – Tim Smith

  Tim Smith’s upcoming book on the JFK case The working title of the book is Hidden in Plain Sight The book is about the testimony of the 52 witnesses who appeared before the HSCA Louie Steven Witt aka The Umbrella Man The Dark-Complected Man next to the The Umbrella Man; see pic here The odd and usual behaviour of these […]

#1082 – Jim DeBrosse, Jim DiEugenio

  Jim DiEugenio and Len Osanic interview author Jim DeBrosse Book: See No Evil: The JFK Assassination and the U.S. Media by Jim DeBrosse: Paperback, Kindle Jim DeBrosse’s data analysis of the media “It would have taken too long and I had a deadline” – Tom Wicker on reading the Warren Report Why has no reporter except Jim Marrs […]