#966b – S.T. Patrick

  garrison.: The Journay of History and Deep Politics by S.T. Patrick Featuring articles of various good researchers Buy garrison. journal Issue 001: Paperback, PDF (e-book) Buy garrison. journal Issue 002: Paperback, PDF (e-book) Buy garrison. journal Issue 003: Paperback, PDF (e-book) Help Produce Future Issues of the garrison. journal: donate here No advertizements in the garrison. journal FREE BORROWABLE EBOOK: On the Trail of the Assassins by […]

#966a – Chris Gallop

  Chris Gallop’s The Continuing Inquiry: JFK Luncheon & Symposium 11am to 5pm, Sunday, 24 Nov at Dirty Job Brewing, 117 Main Street, Mansfield, Texas 76063 Admission fee $65 only Speakers include Bill Simpich, author of State Secret (free online ebook) Roger Craig Jr., son of Roger Craig Sr. who discovered a 7.65 mauser at the sixth floor of […]

#965a – Mark Shaw

  Author of The Reporter Who Knew Too Much (Dorothy Kilgallen): Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook And Denial of Justice: Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, Audiobook Mark’s website: www.markshawbooks.com Kilgallen covered the Jack Ruby trial She also interviewed Ruby twice Jack Ruby watched the assassination from the Dallas Morning News offices Video: Mark Shaw’s Denial of Justice Presentation Mark Shaw read the 2000-page transcript of Jack Ruby’s trial Mark offered the full transcript […]

#964c – Bill Kelly

  Bill Kelly’s blogs: www.jfkcountercoup.blogspot.com And www.jfkcountercoup2.blogspot.com Founding member of COPA and a Board Member of CAPA CAPA’s conference on 22nd and 23rd November (2019) titled CAPA November in Dallas Book your seats Mock Court of Inquiry at the event on Friday morning Texas Code of Criminal Procedure – Ch.52.01 – Court of Inquiry The Texas Court of Inquiry cannot convict anyone but […]

#964b – Dr. Cyril Wecht

  CAPA’s conference on 22nd and 23rd November (2019) titled CAPA November in Dallas Book your seats / hotel rooms Oliver Stone to speak at the event on Saturday Deaths of David Ferrie, Dorothy Kilgallen, Dr. Mary Sherman, James Earl Ray Mock Court of Inquiry at the event Special presentation at the Dealey Plaza by Judyth Baker; not […]

#964a – Mark Adamczyk

  At Kennedys and King: JFK Records Release: Why the Redactions? by Mark Adamczyk Oliver Stone’s movie JFK led to the creation of the ARRB Book: JFK: The Book of the Film by Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar: Paperback, Kindle No specific reason given for the postponement of the ARRB documents George Joannides, the CIA’s liaison to the HSCA Joannides was connected to […]

#963 – John Armstrong, Jim Hargrove

  John Armstrong’s book Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf) The English-speaking Lee Oswald and the Russian-speaking Harvey Oswald New article: Lee and Harvey in Three Consecutive School Semesters For the fall semester of 1953, Lee Oswald attended Public School 44 in New York City At the very same time, Harvey Oswald attended Beauregard Junior High School in New […]

#962 – Jim DiEugenio

  OLIVER STONE’S new three-part documentary on Kennedy titled JFK: Destiny Betrayed Oliver Stone announces the series in his facebook post Jim DiEugenio wrote the script for the documentary series 25 interviews conducted for this series shot in LA, SF, Dallas, New Orleans, Washington DC The series deals with JFK’s foreign policy and how it was changed after […]

#961 – Loren Singer

  BOR Show #305, original airdate: January 1, 2007 Loren Singer (1923-2009) wrote the book The Parallax View (1970) Loren worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS ) during WW II He first had to pass a series of psychological tests He read studies of Rorschach tests given to top Nazis at Nuremberg Loren wrote for television and radio, this was his first […]

#960 – Barry Ernest

  A new edition of The Girl On The Stairs, witness Victoria Adams In 1967, Barry started to doubt the Warren Commission Vicky was on the staircase at the same time Oswald was supposed to be there Barry interviewed Vicky 35 years later, her story was dismissed by the WC Altered and ignored testimony of Roger Craig, Carolyn Walther, […]