#994 – Scott Enyart, Jim DiEugenio

Part A: Scott Enyart

  • Scott Enyart, photographer
  • Took pictures in the pantry during the RFK assassination
  • Scott was first interviewed on Black Op Radio in the year 2000 (Episode 12)
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  • Two guns booked into evidence
  • Scott’s case against LAPD
  • Scott’s film of the assassination confiscated by the LAPD
  • Thomas Neguchi’s autopsy
  • Dirty tricks during Scott’s trials
  • Lawfare = a portmanteau of the words law and warfare
  • Style vs. content photos
  • LAPD destroyed 2400 photographs in a hospital incinerator three weeks before Sirhan’s trial
  • Three carts of Scott’s first trial transcripts was “stolen”
  • This case is a great education on how the system has been corrupted
  • www.originalalbumcoverart.com


Part B: Jim DiEugenio; beginning at 59:38