#990 – William Weston


  • Article: The CIA and the Texas School Book Depository by William Weston
  • How William Weston got interested in the JFK case
  • FREE Borrowable EbookConspiracy by Anthony Summers
  • FREE Borrowable EbookFinal Disclosure by David Belin
  • Weston has written various articles for Dealey Plaza EchoProbe and Kennedys and King
  • Mysterious deaths of those who were connected to the JFK case
  • Earle Cabell was Mayor of Dallas when Kennedy was shot
  • JFK fired Earle’s brother Charles Cabell from his post of Deputy Director of the CIA
  • Testimony of James Wilcott, former employee of the CIA: Read OnlineDownload PDF
  • Wilcott testified that Oswald was a regular employee of the CIA
  • Warren Commission general counsel J. Lee Rankin said that Oswald’s CIA payroll number was 110669
  • Larry Ray Harris was probably the foremost authority on the Tippit case
  • William Shelley was Oswald’s supervisor at the time of the assassination
  • Shelley claims to have been an intelligence officer during World War II and later joined the CIA
  • Elzie Dean Glaze’s letter to the HSCA
  • TSBD was in the hands of intelligence operatives
  • Carolyn Walther observed a two-man sniper team at a window on the fifth floor
  • Victoria Adams and Sandra Styles
  • Shelley and Lovelady’s role
  • Video: Oswald stunned to learn that he’s charged with killing JFK (press conference)
  • TSBD was shifted to other location in the 1970s
  • The lives of the people in the aftermath of the assassination who worked at TSBD
  • The building manager of the TSBD wasn’t paid by TSBD
  • He had some other source of income
  • Joe Molina, credit manager for TSBD,
  • Molina worked with FBI informer William Lowery in infiltrating leftist organizations
  • “There is a whole lot more to tell about the TSBD than what has been published—that the whole building
    should be suspected as more or less of a ‘safe base’ to operate from that day in November 1963”
     – Carolyn Arnold
  • Fresno judge develops own theory in JFK assassination: Read here


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