#982c – Jerry Policoff (Part 2)


  • Jerry was 16 and a fan of JFK on the day of the assassination
  • He read Inquest (Epstein 1966), Rush to Judgement (Lane 1966), etc., and the 26 volumes
  • Jerry has written much on the case, he joined the board of AARC
  • The 1979 Gallery magazine flexi-disc of the acoustic evidence
  • AARC 2014 Conference, September 25-28
  • The Warren Report and the JFK Assassination: A Half Century of Significant Disclosures
  • At the Bethesda Maryland Hyatt Regency, 888-421-1442
  • Speakers, Gary Aguilar, Russ Baker, Joseph Backes, Robert Blakey, Rex Bradford,
  • Brenda Brody, Alan Dale, Jim DiEugenio, Marie Fonzi, Wesley Buell Frazier,
  • Robert Groden, Eric Hamburg, Larry Hancock, Dan Hardway, Mal Hyman, Gayle Nix Jackson,
  • David Kaiser, William Kelly, Peter Kornbluh, Andrew Kreig, Jim Lesar, Gerald D. McKnight,
  • Jefferson Morley, John M. Newman, Jerry Policoff, Randolph Robertson, Jane Rusconi,
  • Peter Dale Scott, Bill Simpich, Wayne Smith, Pat Speer, Donald Thomas, Ernst Titovets,
  • Lamar Waldron, Cyril Wecht, hopefully David Talbot, and Andy Winiarczyk and his books
  • The 27th is the 50th anniversary of the public release of the Warren Report
  • Continuing violation of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992
  • Unreleased CIA 301 (person of interest) files on Lee and Marina Owald
  • 50 Reasons… Episode 44, Dan Hardway and George Joannides
  • $50 registration for students, we need new blood, many original researchers are gone
  • Operation Mockingbird, infiltration of the media, demonstrably documentable
  • AARC is a not-for-profit organization, $35 membership
  • AARC is working on presenting one or two important yet-to-be-announced speakers
  • Sign up for the ARRC newletter


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