#982b – Jerry Policoff (Part 1)


  • Early JFK researcher, area of expertise is the role of the media, New York Times, CBS, Time Inc, John McCloy
  • Murdoch hacking scandal, Watergate analogy, revelations getting bigger and bigger, broke two years ago
  • United States connection, going to take Murdoch and PM Cameron down, Chris Christie, News America, Floor Graphics
  • Carlucci, I will destroy you, hacked by News America, settled for 29 million dollars, multiple cases
  • 500 million and 125 million dollar settlements, violations of the law, mysterious deaths
  • Margaret Thatcher, the Cameron government, head of Scotland Yard resigned, corridors of power
  • The Weekly Standard, helped launch the Iraq war, Fox News, Murdoch became a US citizen, still run from Australia
  • Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, talking about it now, tip of the iceberg, news is the political arm of the Murdoch empire
  • People are afraid of Murdoch, whistle blower, engaged in fraud, FCC waiver, they rolled out the red carpet
  • Frank Sturgis, Marita Lorenz, Murdoch, inherited a newspaper from his father, started Hard Copy, tabloid television
  • James Murdoch lied, Rupert may throw his son under the bus
  • He knew everything going on with his newspapers, he likes thugs, death of a Chief of Police, Metro Media
  • Bill O’Reilly, host of Inside Edition, a clone of Hard Copy, had leaked CIA documents about Garrison
  • At one point he had a sense of outrage, what a nut-case, money does strange things to people


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