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  • At Kennedys and King
  • Article: Destitute Cuban Studies Institute on the JFK Assassination by Arnaldo M. Fernandez
  • Article: Public Relations and the JFK Case Mike Kilroy
  • Article: Vince Foster, JFK and the Rise of Chris Ruddy by Jim DiEugenio
  • Article: Oswald’s Last Letter: The Scorching Hot Potato by Paul Bleau
  • This article is about the last letter supposedly written by Oswald to the Soviet embassy in Washington DC
  • All articles by Paul Bleau
  • Oswald’s letter was addressed to Tovarich Nikolai Reznichenko
  • Reznichenko was described as a member of the Soviet Secret Police (KGB) by researcher Paul Scott
  • The FBI described Reznichenko as the head of assassinations in the Washington embassy
  • Efforts were made to tie Oswald to Valeriy Kostikov, the KGB assassinations officer in Mexico City
  • Watch episode 30 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years here
  • This means that either there was an international conspiracy to kill Kennedy
  • Or a domestic conspiracy to kill Kennedy and frame Oswald
  • David Attlee Phillips and his men pushed the story that Oswald was connected to foreign agents
  • Phillips had fake witnesses to say that Oswald had accepted money in Mexico City
  • Oswald, the CIA and Mexico City aka The Lopez Report (1996 release)
  • Oswald, the CIA and Mexico City aka The Lopez Report (2003 release)
  • Buy the audiobook of The Lopez Report here for just $12
  • Oswald was framed to make it look like he was in cahoots with the Russians and the Cubans
  • This could then be used as a pretext or an excuse invade Cuba
  • FBI agents concluded that it wasn’t Oswald’s voice on the phone recordings from the Cuban consulate
  • CIA informant Gilberto Alvarado’s phony story that Oswald accepted cash from Cuban agents
  • During the time of the HSCA, Phillips also claimed that he heard a tape intercept of Oswald talking
    to a Russian embassy official offering to exchange money for information
  • If what Phillips claims is true, then why were the tapes destroyed?
  • Why was Oswald allowed to work at the TSBD when there were reports of his possible collusion with the Soviets?
  • FBI Agent James Hosty said FBI agents in Dallas were not kept in the loop about Oswald’s meeting with Kostikov
  • Articles: Three Failed Plots to Kill JFK by Paul Bleau: Part 1Part 2
  • Paul Bleau identifies eight potential patsies in Part 2 of the above article
  • Listen to BOR 907
  • All mail sent to the Russian embassy was intercepted by the FBI
  • A total of 6 letters were exchanged between the Oswald and the Russian embassy in Washington
  • Only one of the six was typed; the others were in Oswald’s own handwriting
  • Russians believed that this letter was designed to create the impression that Oswald had close ties to Russia
  • Their opinion was that the letter was either fake or dictated to him
  • In his last letter, Oswald talks about a consul from the Cuban consulate in Mexico City being replaced
  • There was no way for Oswald to know that information
  • Article: Ruth Paine “Finds” Evidence: Oswald’s Letter to the Soviet Embassy by Carol Hewett
  • “In this week’s episode, WC supporters are gonna feel the pain. That’s right. Ruth and Michael Paine”
  • Watch episode 19 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years here
  • “In this episode, we investigate the gift that keeps on giving; namely the Paines’ garage”
  • Watch episode 31 of 50 Reasons for 50 Years here
  • Episode 31 titled Evidence On Demand
  • Letter “found” in the Paines’ garage
  • In 1999, Russian President Boris Yeltsin handed some 80 files to Bill Clinton pertaining to Oswald
  • It included a memo from the Russian Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin who saw the letter as a provocation to frame Russia
  • “One gets the definite impression that the letter was concocted by those who, judging from everything,
    are involved in the president’s assassination. It is possible that Oswald himself wrote the letter as it was
    dictated to him, in return for some promises, and then, as we know, he was simply bumped off after his
    usefulness had ended”
     – wrote Anatoly Dobrynin
  • The letter has one attribute that can play an important role, actually proving who some of the conspirators were
  • It talks about Oswald’s Mexico trip prior to the assassination when very few would have known about it
  • And if the Mexico City trip never happened, who would have known about the cover story?
  • Mark Lane debates David Atlee Phillips of the CIA: Part 1Part 2
  • Miniseries on the unabomber case: Manhunt: Unabomber – watch on Netflix
  • Five letters from Cuba all typed on the same typewriter
  • Paul Bleau interviewed for the upcoming Oliver Stone-Jim DiEugenio documentary series JFK: Destiny Betrayed
  • Oliver Stone was very courageous in making the movie JFK


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