#965b – John Judge – Part 1


  • The following three sections are the first appearance of
  • researcher John Judge on Black Op Radio, Show #41, June 14, 2001
  • ——
  • John, born in 1947, grew up in the shadow of the Pentagon
  • In a bedroom community of the NSA, CIA, DIA, NASA
  • His parents worked at the Pentagon
  • John learned there were two governments, one invisible
  • He understood his parent were afraid of Sen. Joe McCarthy
  • The U-2 Incident, led Eisenhower to admit we lied and spied
  • John came out in opposition to the war in Vietnam in 1964
  • In 1967 he read Mark Lane’s Rush To Judgment (1966)
  • In ’67-68 he read the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission
  • He met early researchers, Mae Brussell, Maggie Fields,
  • Sylvia Meagher, Lillian Castellano, Penn Jones,
  • John went to conferences, Peter Dale Scott, Carl Oglesby
  • John knew Mae for 20 years
  • She wrote about Watergate in The Realist in August 1972
  • Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?
  • How Nixon Actually Got Into Power
  • They becaame research associates and friends, shared files
  • The Brussell Sprouts listened to her weekly show on tape
  • Mae cross-referenced and indexed the Warren Commission
  • She clipped 15 daily newspapers, 150 periodicals
  • She also read 300-500 books a year
  • She cracked the code of the Kennedy and other assassinations
  • John was inspired to work half as hard as she did
  • Her level of recall, analysis, perception, to connect things
  • Mae passed a note to Rose Kennedy five days before Robert Kennedy
    was shot, saying, “The forces that killed your son John are moving on Bobby”
  • She called Mary Jo Kopechne’s parents three days before
    Chappaquiddick and said, “They’re about to kill your daughter”
  • She could understand the movements of the secret government
  • The mark of genius, to be able to make connections
  • 36 filing cabinets, 18 binder WC index, 6,000 books
  • Jonestown (11/18/1978) was an intelligence operation
  • John sent Mae 70 reasons, Mae sent John 115
  • She was fearless, the media were afraid of her
  • Negative stuff, it would have depressed them not be able
    to know what was happening in the world
  • The things we have uncovered about the secret government,
    are directly proportional to the fear they have of us
  • It’s not us who are paranoid, it’s them
  • Pull the needle out of your arm, Just Say No to them
  • The most basic level of violence, is social privilege
  • To exploit labor, steal resources, control sexuality
  • They’re stripping us of the delusion of democracy
  • A split over whether or not to go to open fascism
  • The JFK assassination, public, violent, with contempt
  • A transparent conspiracy, we were supposed to get the point
  • “Yeah, we killed him, what do you wanna do about it?”
  • Elections in this country, the evil of two lessors
  • We don’t have elections, we have selections
  • A lot of the internet is just volume, you can read anything
  • History Will Not Absolve Us: (E. Martin Schotz 1996)
    Orwellian Control, Public Denial, and the Murder
    of President Kennedy
  • Allowed to believe anything, allowed to know nothing
  • Not all conspiracies are created equal (Judge 10/30/2002)
  • Conspiracy and Theory are no longer separate words
  • You can call everyone else a Coincidence Theorist
  • To breathe together, some people have worse breath
  • Timothy McVeigh, meet Lee Harvey Oswald (06/11/2001)
  • A forest is made of trees, branches, roots, history, details
  • There are mechanics that carry out the will of the class
  • Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA)
  • Founded in 1994, out of the Committee to Open the Archives
  • JFK (1991) had the audacity to put some facts in
  • The case was basically dead in the water until that film
  • COA combined with the Assassination Archive Research Center
  • and Citizens for Truth in the Kennedy Assassination
    (NOTE: Kennedys and King (formerly CTKA))
  • President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992
  • Testimony of John Judge, ARRB Hearing of 10/11/94
  • Before 1994, FOIA, we got loose a few thousand files
  • Since 1994, ARRB, almost 6,000,000 pages have been released