#1135 – Gerry Simone, Chad Nagle


  • How Gerry Simone got interested in the JFK case
  • Article: A Narrative is Debunked by Gerry Simone
  • Gerry was inspired by the late Toronto researcher Tony Centa
  • John Mcadams – Laughing stock of the Internet?
  • FREE Borrowable EbookBest Evidence by David Lifton
  • In his article, Gerry debunks an article published on The Conversation website by Gonzalo Soltero
  • Soltero says that most conspiracy theories surrounding JFK’s assassination have been disproven
  • The late journalist Oscar Contreras Lartigue said he met Oswald in Mexico City
  • In 1978, Dan Hardway of the HSCA wanted to interview Contreras but couldn’t due to the CIA
  • Article: A Cruel and Shocking Misinterpretation by Dan Hardway
  • Blonde and short Oswald in Mexico City
  • A 1960 memo by Hoover to the State Department warned that
    “there is a possibility that an impostor is using Oswald’s birth certificate”
  • LBJ used Oswald’s alleged meeting with Kostikov to convince Earl Warren and Sen Richard Russell to serve on WC
  • Soltero doesn’t mention anything about the Oswald impersonator in his article
  • As per Hardway, Oswald was being used in an intelligence opertion as a dangle
    or in an attempt to discredit the Fair Play for Cuba Committee or both
  • The Mexico City trip was either designed in advance or spun in the aftermath of the assassination
    to give the appearance of Cuban and Soviet collusion in the assassination
  • Contreras was warned by Cuban consular staff to avoid Oswald as they suspected he was an infiltrator
  • Book: The JFK Assassination: The Evidence Today by Jim DiEugenio: PaperbackKindle
  • The Chicago Plot to Kill JFKRead OnlineDownload PDF
  • HSCA’s CIA liason George Joannides was involved in psychological operations in Miami
  • Joannides’s group funded an anti-Castro group and had contact with Oswald
  • 6 out of 7 mock trials resulted in either a hung jury or an acquital in favor of Oswald
  • Mary Ferrell Foundation Files Lawsuit Over JFK Records
  • Read the actual complaint here (PDF)
  • The Conversation article was also published by other outlets
  • Video: How Twitter Worked With The FBI To BAN Donald Trump (The Jimmy Dore Show)
  • Video: 80 FBI Agents Monitored Jokes On Twitter Full Time! (The Jimmy Dore Show)
  • Video: FBI Agent Planted Inside Twitter FIRED By Musk For Censorship! (The Jimmy Dore Show)
  • Part B: Chad Nagle; beginning at 50:03
  • Article: A Personal Encounter with the Warren Commission by Chad Nagle
  • Video: Tucker Carlson on JFK Assassination, Dec 15, 2022
  • Mary Ferrell Foundation Files Lawsuit Over JFK Records
  • Read the actual complaint here (PDF)
  • Chad has previously worked for Howard Willens, Assistant Counsel to the Warren Commission
  • The WC was a template for the public “truth-seeking” panels that don’t convince the people
  • The explanation provided by the WC was a whitewash
  • The Warren Report doesn’t read like a legal opinion but rather a coherent narrative for public consumption
  • The murders of CIA assets like Sam Giancana and Johnny Roselli during the 1970s when the HSCA was operating
  • Video: Judge Napolitano Reveals What President Trump Told Him About The Shocking Contents of the JFK Files
  • How Nagle got to work with Howard Willens
  • Libby Handros’s new documentary Four Died Tryingcheck poster here
  • Book: Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf) by John Armstrong
  • Len to record a special show with John Armstrong in March
  • If you have any questions for John, please email Len at osanic@prouty.org


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