#1088 – Igor Lopatonok, David Denton


  • Mr. Igor Lopatonok is an Ukrainian-born producer and director
  • Links to his documentaries (watch free online):
  • Documentary: Ukraine on Fire (2016) (featuring Oliver Stone)
  • Documentary: Revealing Ukraine (2019) (featuring Oliver Stone)
  • Documentary: Ukraine: 30 Years of Independence – The Everlasting Present
  • Documentary: Maidan Massacre
  • YouTube and Vimeo censoring Igor and his documentaries
  • Glenn Greenwald highly recommends Ukraine on Fire; check the tweets below:
  • Tweet 1Tweet 2Tweet 3Tweet 4Tweet 5Tweet 6
  • Susan Sarandon tweets about Ukraine on Fire
  • How and why Igor decided to make documentaries on Ukraine
  • Igor’s experience working with Oliver Stone
  • Viktor Medvedchuk in Revealing Ukraine
  • Sheeple following the narrative of “Russian aggression” blindly
  • The civil war going on in Eastern Ukraine (Donbas) for the past eight years
  • There’s no mention of neo-nazis by the Western media
  • Mikheil Saakashvili, the former President of Georgia appointed as the Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast in 2015
  • Was the Maidan massacre a false flag operation?
  • All the usual troublemakers of the world were active in Ukraine like George Soros, NGOs, CIA proxies, etc.
  • Robert Parry of Consortium News featured in Ukraine on Fire
  • “Sometimes I don’t quite understand the logic of our partners, sometimes it looks like they need an external
    enemy to keep in leash and establish discipline in their own, so-called Western European Bloc” – Vladimir Putin
  • Documentary: Watch Oliver Stone’s The Putin Interviews for free: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
  • The Military Industrial Complex profits from war
  • Russian suffering at the hands of Nazis
  • The CIA has been building neo-nazi assets in Ukraine for 70 years
  • Russia will not hestitate to use nuclear weapons if their very existence is threatened
  • Ukraine’s President Zelensky hints at developing nuclear weapons
  • Russia’s aims are the demilitarization and de-nazification of Ukraine
  • Putin’s 2007 Munich speech: VideoTranscript
  • Was the 2014 Crimean referendum fake?
  • Video: Kiev MP Petro Poroshenko jeered and chased by Crimean protesters (2014)
  • An article in nbcnews.com about the same incident
  • Zelenskyy is playing a role and reading the dialogs written by the script writer !!
  • “The United States aids Ukraine and her people so that we can fight Russia over there
    and we don’t have to fight Russia here” – Rep. Adam Schiff
  • Video: Adam Schiff on why US funds Ukraine (watch for 10 sec)
  • Video: Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation
  • The illogical and false narrative of Russiagate
  • The propaganda documentary Winter on Fire (2015)
  • Documentary: Ukraine – Masks of the Revolution (2016)
  • Igor’s next documentary series titled QAZAQ: History of the Golden Man
  • Trailer: QAZAQ: History of the Golden Man
  • Igor’s next project on Ukraine titled Ukraine: Final Confrontation
  • Igor Lopatonok’s facebook page
  • Global Tree Pictures YouTube channel
  • Global Tree Rumble Page
  • Part B: David Denton; beginning at 1:09:40
  • Upcoming JFK conference on April 8th and 9th
  • Details of the event can be found here
  • The in-person event is free and open to the public
  • Get access to the zoom meeting at just $40
  • Speakers include Dr. John Newman, Robert Groden, Gary Shaw, Brian Edwards, Prof. Mal Hyman
  • Book: Burying the Lead: The Media and the JFK Assassination
    by Mal Hyman PaperbackKindle
  • “To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child” – Marcus Cicero


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