#1086 – Paul Bleau


  • Col. Fletcher Prouty and the stand-down order
  • Jim Garrison’s correspondence with Col. Prouty
  • The Jim Garrison Papers
  • Some serious researchers do not agree with Jim Garrison
  • Garrison was not a lunatic
  • Oswald was assigned at least one Cuban escort
  • Another potential patsy
  • Clay Shaw could be connected to Allen Dulles
  • INCA = International Council of the Americas
  • INCA was a propaganda organization founded by Ed Butler
  • INCA’s links to intelligence
  • Clay Bertrand was indeed Clay Shaw
  • The signatures of Bertrand and Shaw compared
  • Rose Cheramie warned about the assassination two days before it happened
  • Lieutenant Francis Frugé too Rose to the hospital and interviewed her after the assassination
  • Capitan Fritz of the Dallas PD did not want to follow-up on the Rose Cheramie angle
  • Frugé ended up working on the case with Jim Garrison
  • Janet “Jada” Conforto, a stripper for Jack Ruby
  • Jada was told that before the assassination the club will be closed on Friday
  • Delphine Roberts was Guy Banister’s secretary and mistress
  • Paul to speak at the Dealey Plaza UK online conference on Saturday


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