#1085 – Tyrel Ventura


  • Tyrel Ventura is an actor, producer and director
  • Son of Gov. Jesse Ventura
  • Jesse and Tyrel Ventura with Len; see pic here
  • TV Channel RT America permanently shuts down
  • Video: RT America shut down (The Jimmy Dore Show)
  • There are some very good shows on RT
  • Tyrel Ventura’s show on RT titled Watching the Hawks
  • Jesse and Tyrel on the Clubhouse app – “The Govenor’s Office”
  • The Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • Climate change, dying oceans and other major problems
  • “I do not share your optimism for the younger generation. I just think that
    so many people buy the first story they hear and they go out on the streets waving flags” – Len
  • RT America provided its viewers with a contrary point of view
  • Censoring free speech and the problems with it
  • The only way to change someone’s mind is by dialog
  • Video: Hillary Clinton on Qaddafi: We came, we saw, he died
  • Many good shows on RT like The World According to JesseRedacted TonightCrosstalkGoing Underground
  • Tyrel’s movie show on Clubhouse is “Fear Loathing & Uncle Buck”


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