#1030 – John Armstrong


  • Author of Harvey and Lee (2003) (.pdf)
  • The rifle in the backyard photo and the one found at TSBD are not the same
  • Oswald couldn’t have ordered the rifle
  • WC was formed to keep people from finding out the uncomforable truth about the assassination
  • The MSM supports the government’s conclusions no matter what they are
  • Victoria Adams and Sandra Styles
  • Oswald did not run down the stairs from the sixth floor
  • He was very likely in the first floor
  • The WC had to find a way to deal with the testimony of Victoria Adams
  • The WC did not interview Sandra Styles and Dorothy Ann Garner
  • Two unidentified white men seen by Officer Baker one minute after the shooting at the freight elevator
  • These men may have been co-conspirators
  • Neither Baker nor Truly were questioned by the WC regarding the identity of these two men
  • Shelley and Lovelady repeatedly changed their statements and testimony
  • Shelley claimed to be an intelligence officer during WWII and then joined the CIA
  • The WC intentionally failed to ask important questions
  • The WC wasn’t interested in the truth
  • They were only interested in writing a report that named Oswald as the one and only assassin
  • Book: The Girl on the Stairs: The Search for a Missing Witness by Barry Ernest: HardcoverPaperbackKindle


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