#1015 – Gary Hill


  • Article: Rand Development and U.S. Intelligence by Gary Hill
  • Book: Other Oswald: A Wilderness of Mirrors by Gary Hill: PaperbackKindle
  • How Gary got interested in the case
  • Robert Webster and his “defection” to Soviet Russia
  • Gary’s website: www.theotheroswald.com
  • Webster worked for the RAND Development Corporation
  • Marina met Webster in the Soviet Union
  • Airforce Intelligence operation ‘Longstride’
  • James Angleton and his mole-hunt
  • If Oswald wanted to become famous by killing Kennedy, then why did he deny shooting him?
  • “The most important letter in CIA is A=Agency” – Col. Fletcher Prouty
  • Curtis LeMay ran RAND Corporation
  • RAND Development Corporation was founded by James Rand Jr.
  • Ruth Paine had connections with Robert Webster
  • CIA’s mind control project MK-Ultra
  • H.J. Rand Foundation was a part of MKULTRA SUB-PROJECT NO. 79
  • Rand Development was a “cut-out” for the purpose of funding organizations engaged in very “sensitive” research
  • Oswald’s Mexico city trip
  • Book: Oswald: Russian Episode by Ernst Titovets: PaperbackKindle
  • Article: Marina & Robert by Gary Hill


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